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ES 10-08-08

I cant wait to see how the talking heads explain tonites action!
Karend, 13:30 to 14:05 on the 1 min. chart, is that a nice little ending diagonal or what!
Yeah Louis bought up some sq nine stuff thats correct, I heard he himself say that. Sq nine alone saved my trading account.
yes kool...see it, agree, but I find this market moving is moving so fast, that I'm seeing things after the fact. I'm a bit of a deer in the headlights in this market, I admire you guys that are trading it so well! And on top of it, you have time to post here for us...really appreciate it.
It gets much easier with time. But we go through bad times too, like I felt like trading wheat this morning because of the whip saw in the S&P.....
MP 80% rule in effect to 1056-60 area. Not holding my breath about it here but I doubted it would get us to 1027 area yesterday when the market was around 1072. :-)
yeah, and i was down around 12 last night i think!
another good saying for traders in this market...

a calm sea does not make a good sailor.
well, 1, 5 and 15 are gettin over bought up here ... not the 30 or hourly tho.

We got an IB breakout I would say 56-60 doable. We have been down so long.
looking at 1030.50-32 for a small sell scalp
I love Pivots...daily, weekly, monthly, I love it even better when there's a sq of nine near by.

As to your 2nd question it really doesn't matter why .146 (its phi to the 4th power) and .25 (1/4 or 2/8ths) but it all has to do with sq of nine....from each of my sq of nine numbers is sq root + or - .25 and then squared reason being that has to do with squaring a circle. All that matters is that it works.....146 used to work beautifully but now it moves that much in 2 min, so I don't use that any more once the markets calm down it will be useful once again.
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