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ES 10-08-08

I cant wait to see how the talking heads explain tonites action!
Jeeze, hit the 13.5 mark and i clicked for a market fill,they gave me 1016! THIEVES! plus 6.75 there... up 17.75... watching
Nailed that i min. low 10:08-9 and got robbed
crude out in a few
next low 10:19... im taking a nap till this afternoon
talk about hard to get a fill today
998 50% retracement
again the 20 / 50 EMA 15min. tied together making resistance
Sorry for the delay Joe...I've been on the phone for 45 minutes with an IB rep.......

I had the long 984 and the 975 working..( 6 total working)....My data is all messed up here......I covered 3 at 1012 even.....and then one more at what I thought was the 1025 ( That was key high volume from Tuesday for me)so logical resistence......and then got stopped out at 1214.75....but I have yet to get any confirmations from IB and my chart data looks like somebody put polka-dots on the until I get my confirmations and my data working I'm sidelined.....

Isn't is strange how things can become more stressful during high volatility,,,,,,,sometimes I think they're out to get

Could someone post the RTH high and low when they have a chance....?

This is hopefully how I played this

My original target from the 984 was the key zone from Tuesday ...1025....but since I added roughly 10 points below at 975 to this trade, I lowered my initial target by roughly 10 points to a possible resitence point..the 1012 area....

I certainly wouldn't suggest to anyone to trade like this especially in this environment but my thinking was that the overnight sold off in order to allow the really big players to get long at lower prices....I still think we will be putting in the low first today but I'm sidelined...till IB gets there S#@T together...excuse the language,,,,

Originally posted by CharterJoe

Options are way up...great call bruce are u still long?

1026 high 971 at the open low
thanks..I was concerned that 1025 target wasn't hit....I gotta dust off my PFG I can get some data
I love Pivots...daily, weekly, monthly, I love it even better when there's a sq of nine near by.

As to your 2nd question it really doesn't matter why .146 (its phi to the 4th power) and .25 (1/4 or 2/8ths) but it all has to do with sq of nine....from each of my sq of nine numbers is sq root + or - .25 and then squared reason being that has to do with squaring a circle. All that matters is that it works.....146 used to work beautifully but now it moves that much in 2 min, so I don't use that any more once the markets calm down it will be useful once again.
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