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ES 10-08-08

I cant wait to see how the talking heads explain tonites action!
The reason I exited and shorted was 1025 was a sq nine.
great trading joe and kool! Joe, wow, up 65.25 on the es...that's fantastic!
exiting here
40 up, 40 down, 40 up, 40 down, 40 up since the fed funds cut, karend. making the same % wise but more dollar wise. Made more with 2.2 on options than 65 on the ES.
man, tried for 16.75,filled at 6 ... nice little scalp.. im having to take market exits cause it moves so fast i dont have time to put in my limit exits
kool, do you have a platform were you can click and drag limits on your dom? I use a flaten button 80% of the time.
order to sell 1021.50
I'm sure Glad the DOW ISN"T leading higher.......Low to high day looking good but I'm sitting the rest out......Had biggest losing day recently and biggest winning day on a per contract move basis......nice on the options Joe.......I'm glad you have been diligent in pointing out the gann numbers...otherwise thickheaded folks like me would have brushed them off I'm converted.....

I remember reading that Borsolino boughht up Ganns stuff years ago...not sure how true it is.....he didn't trade it all alone either like yourself....I like those big squares though.....
not even close ,order cancelled..... watching
AA is making it tough for the Dow to lead anything today
I love Pivots...daily, weekly, monthly, I love it even better when there's a sq of nine near by.

As to your 2nd question it really doesn't matter why .146 (its phi to the 4th power) and .25 (1/4 or 2/8ths) but it all has to do with sq of nine....from each of my sq of nine numbers is sq root + or - .25 and then squared reason being that has to do with squaring a circle. All that matters is that it works.....146 used to work beautifully but now it moves that much in 2 min, so I don't use that any more once the markets calm down it will be useful once again.
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