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ES 10-20-08

wow, i dont know how you guys can trade this pit open volitility cause i sure cant.
still holding with stop @ 973.25
966.25 was the first initial proj. , the next one is around 960
sure slammin into the expected low time zone!(so far)
we had a 20 point gap this morning..( a little less).add that to the open to find where the stops are...did that last week for me so far is 64.75..stop run there....
runner stops at 70.50...just outside my upper zone...
targeting 58 number for other zone begins at 57
im hopin 960.50 or so holds it ... ill do a small long there , 4 point stop tho
bottom comes in 2:27-2:31(i hope!)
beautiful little 1-2-3 pattern on the one minute at the highs at my 70.50..if anyone wants to see it....official entry would have been 69.75 for most
out for 6 pts gain

not looking good...

i might do 1 short es and 1 long ym so that if we break range i can hold on...
counter trend weekly, monthly Market Profile i.e. DVAH DVAL, and 30 min Chart with some special RSI settings. Thanks for the compliment, I was going to buy puts yesterday but I waited to long cause I was in a trade, and before I knew it it was 4:03 and its best to do it at the close because the majority of the time the market changes trend short term in the overnight, which will effect options greater.