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ES 10-20-08

wow, i dont know how you guys can trade this pit open volitility cause i sure cant.
Crap! Missed by one freakin tick! .... watching
got the new RTH lows at 46.75...trying for 42.50 on last that will be just above that key 40 - 41 zone I mentioned in globex thread and just about half the gap fill.....tricky when you are out of bullets
Originally posted by BruceM

got the 59 tryingto hold for new RTH lows

stopped out at 47.75 flat will be interesting to see if they can fill that gap and get those additional gaps in overnight down at 928.75
selling 953 area,
in an effort to make my Volume zone smaller I reduced a key zone by 1.5 points....the actual line on my chart came in at I had to tighten.....I just want to point that out for reference as some of these volume zones are big and harder to trade...basically I want to see some kind of signal at the zones for entry but will not wait on the exit and just use them as targets..
that was also a minus 8 - 10 point range off the opening print...confluence helps...sometimes!!
58 - 62 is key from today...somebody playing that well....that will be a tough area to crack I think.....sure wish I was wrong as I still want to see folks feel good again about the market/life
order to sell 955.50,3.5 point stop.Believe it or not, the failure to achieve 941.75 a few min ago might actually be neg. Cause the tech. indicators would have been oversold all the way up to 30 min! NOW THEY COULD BE 'RELOADING ' for an ultimate charge to the 931 area. time will tell!
they might want to see what that volume is up there...crazy stuff!!
sure wish the Naz would join the buying party..dow and S%P in synch so far
counter trend weekly, monthly Market Profile i.e. DVAH DVAL, and 30 min Chart with some special RSI settings. Thanks for the compliment, I was going to buy puts yesterday but I waited to long cause I was in a trade, and before I knew it it was 4:03 and its best to do it at the close because the majority of the time the market changes trend short term in the overnight, which will effect options greater.