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ES 10-20-08

wow, i dont know how you guys can trade this pit open volitility cause i sure cant.
Stalling at highs, no new high on $ticks...
wow, all time frames now overbought (like when we hit 987 yesterday) if it turns at my original target 977.75 could be a good decline well into tomorrow!(973 is first proj. then 976-77 area)
Be advised cycles would indicate strength 3:15-3:30 at a min. tho
100% IB extension @ 93.25. Singles 83.75-87.75. 93 sq 9. Sure seems extended.
wow 973.75 was my stop and it took it and thats was the high :(

See why i hate to trade after 3?
plus need to get past 50% IB extension @ 81.5 and 977 sq 9
yeah, almost like a different market after 2:30. I need to search for some late afternoon strategies.
some where around 3:23-27 could be a pretty good peak
bought more avg 967
counter trend weekly, monthly Market Profile i.e. DVAH DVAL, and 30 min Chart with some special RSI settings. Thanks for the compliment, I was going to buy puts yesterday but I waited to long cause I was in a trade, and before I knew it it was 4:03 and its best to do it at the close because the majority of the time the market changes trend short term in the overnight, which will effect options greater.