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Trading the ABC

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Here are 2 successful trades I had 11/13/08 in the ES based on a couple of patterns that I trade - a little double top and the ABC. I hope that some of you might find value in this. Commentary to follow.
ooops...I noticed I left my tracking pointer in the screen while I took snapshot...sorry about that
VO , Thanks for the post. Are you using software to point out these patterns or are you drawing them by hand? Also what charting package are you using?

Have you picked up Suri Duddela's price pattern book ? I've heard good things about it. Robert Miner also has a new book that he's marketing now too...
Just thought I'd mention those.

Printer I use both TradeStation and Multicharts for charting purposes (they use the same programming code). I way prefer Multicharts, but they are only software no brokerage. I do indeed have pattern recognition code for Gartley's, Butterfly's ect., but I look at those charts only a couple times a day. If you notice in the posted chart of that beauty of a AB=CD from 12/1 you see some cyan numbers above all swing H's and L's. This is from a ZigZag pattern code that auto plots the price/time/number of bars/number of points. I turned the trendlines off for the snapshot. The neatest thing about that code is it also auto plots fib retracement and extension levels for me. I picked this code up for free in the TS forums. With that said, I only browse that chart occasionally throughout the day. I am constantly throwing the fib retracement tool on all swings. Then I am constantly throwing the fib extension tool on all retraces while always looking for patterns. Long answer to short question - yes I "draw" them by hand, however I do have help that I don't utilize as much as I should. Hope this helps.
Bruce I do infact have his book "Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros" and I would highly recommend it. I was immedately attracted to Suri's work because we both a) trade from a 610T chart b) use fibo bands c) favor the abc & double top/bottom and d) are pattern freaks.

Thats where are commonalities probably end. I am sure he has more money and is an artist when it comes to programming code (I am a glorified hack), however, I guarantee I'm in better shape and know I can out run him. His book is nothing but patterns, I think 66 total. It's a great resource. Matter of fact, he talks about Michael Jardine's book, Fibonacci Trading, in the Market Structure chapter, which led me to get that book and I recommend it.

Another guy who's work I dig is Scott Carney at I got his book a few years ago called The Harmonic Trader. That book is what really led me to trading the AB=CD. It is now actually free to download from his site because he has a new one out. Would encourage anybody to research his work. Suri actually gives him some digs in his book.

Bruce, I know who Robert Miner is, but am not that familar with his work. I will look into it. Enough from me.
Here is a Bullish Gartley from Wed's action.

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thanks for the link and the chart Vo...
Welcome to the crab pattern! of the 5 pt harmonic patterns.

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Beautiful symmetry...I posted this on the ES thread during trading...just perfect.

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Thanks VO
Well, thanks. Now I feel like I have to find something cool to post...