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ES 12-10-08

GM Traders running behind

Daily pp: 896.75
POC: 903
I know someone said it earlier today. Search "popstocks", he did a video about the cycles and price, also.
Trouble is that GMAC was not approved for bank status i.e. TARP funds. 49% of GMAC owned by GM and the other is owned by the hedge fund that owns Chrysler, GMAC headed for bankruptcy, others probably will follow
bruce not sure about 62.5? where does that come from
turk...886 is perfect fib number...that is what we retraced to
stop limit long 899.00
Take the first 13 minute bar of the day and i.e. bar closing at 9:43 EST off of the ESZ08.D chart and set the fib tool from high to low that establishes your price S/R for the rest of the day. Configure the S/R levels from the day before to be hashed lines. chart to follow

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here are the retracement numbers I will find that .886 is powerful number

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watch it for a week it is really quite accurate and the chat room it came from charges $200 month. Not stolen just figured out
l @ 98.50

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