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ES 12-10-08

GM Traders running behind

Daily pp: 896.75
POC: 903
mypto we cant get to our 9 number if you guys frontrun it
well, i sold one at 907.00 and im happy... so far!
covering here!
dang my order was @909
THX, VO,for the number ..ill be selling that too! out at 2.5 there and flat on the sessiion due to a 2.5 loss from globex
VO, dont you think that 908.75 might have been the 909 you were looking for?
with u @#%@!holes frontrunning it I suppose so
Good call there Mypto
Cause now the 5 min proj is 895.75!..unless it goes back to 908.75 again!
dont feel bad palmer mine was 9.25 so you came closer than me

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