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ES 12-10-08

GM Traders running behind

Daily pp: 896.75
POC: 903
I see what your doing...remember if you go from H to L your going to get a H proj. and L - H gives L proj
Originally posted by VOwater

no I do not prestwick...I get 895

Hmmm. 901.25-895.5=5.75 5.75*2.618=15 901.25-15=886.25 That's how I got it (unless 901.25 is taken out). On a 15 minute I get a 878.25 based on a 905.5 to 895.25 cycle (unless 905.5 is taken out). Oh well .... I'll keep trying. :-)
prestwick did you take the 7:25 and 7:45 (cst) bars?
see above this case you want to add the 15 to 895.50 and that yields 910.50...what you are doing is proj a high number here, not low, and this in invalid because we took out 895.50
your first 5m proj will be from 9:10 H @ 98.50 to 9:05 L @ 92.25 = 908.50
see projection bars

Click image for original size
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in the above chart, take your fib retracement tool and click on H bar THEN L bar and this is your H projection...there is no reason to try and do the math unless you dont have the fib tool...fib tool takes all of 3 seconds
You use a fib retrtacement not extention ?
to find projection you use retracement find extension (like abc) you use extension tool

Click image for original size
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