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ES 12-11-2008

Important Note: Contract rollover TODAY for the ES, NQ, YM and TF

WELL, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE WERE HEADED. im just saying that kind of a decline would be a good buy, cause you could put your stop just under that 884.50 number too!
well there was the 'deadly 15 min proj ,finally 892.75, if memory serves!
im hoping they dont bounce it to hard off this 161.8...want 87.75
yeah, i got a standing order in at 887.50
We just touched the top of the MOB in the S&P. In the NAS it has gone thru the MOB to the downside.
problem is they might find traction at 90.50 = 127.2 of XA leg
885.25 is 2.618 off of the high of 903.50. I believe we are in a Wave 3 down.
cmon boyz!!! bring me 887!
I can almost taste it!
Originally posted by feng456

Originally posted by myptofvu

Feng do you have Skype? it would be easier to talk to you...

i had skype then i uninstalled cuz it had lousy connections. but i think my account may be still active. whats ur username or whatever?

skype Id is rthtrader
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