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ES 12-11-2008

Important Note: Contract rollover TODAY for the ES, NQ, YM and TF

i tend to think 903-4 may be seen be for all is said and done
that's a lot of 5 min tail
1, 5 , and now 15 min becoming overbought.
time cycle due to end
time cycle due to end
6.50 become auto sell if they can get past 200% here
who maid that 902 call? Prest? Freakin brilliant! good work!
well, boys , theres your cycle peak. doesnt have to a big one tho. time will tell!
kool I think random charlie did
s 902.50..wantthe 98
Originally posted by feng456

Originally posted by myptofvu

Feng do you have Skype? it would be easier to talk to you...

i had skype then i uninstalled cuz it had lousy connections. but i think my account may be still active. whats ur username or whatever?

skype Id is rthtrader