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ES 12-11-2008

Important Note: Contract rollover TODAY for the ES, NQ, YM and TF

l @ 99 looking for that gap fill
LOL, no this is my (probably stupid!) bored to death trade
Knowing that the cycle peak at 1:20 should be a fairly good one since its from the 5 min chart , i still want longs hoping we take out 904.50,so that 15 min proj is invalidated!
so got the third one coming in a month....i'm nervous
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a wife and kids are a deadly combo for wealth accumulation

stop at 900
wow, i covered at my profit order of 900.00 for 2 handles... now up 6.75 and hoping for another pull back!
I'm trying from the 901 now on short side....want the 95 - 96 number
new highs will scare me off unless a big divergence
Margie, see that 1 min bowl from 11:15 to 12:04? WERE GOING TO HAVE TO KEEP AN EYE O/N THAT!
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Feng do you have Skype? it would be easier to talk to you...

i had skype then i uninstalled cuz it had lousy connections. but i think my account may be still active. whats ur username or whatever?

skype Id is rthtrader