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ES 12-18-2008

Good morning to the USA, good evening in Asia. As of now, 45 min before RTH. It took a steep plunge to the pivot at 903, all in less than 10 min.

As a short term scalper. Lets see for the first 3 mins to confirm EMA3 is on top of EMA9, 3 green candles with bearish resistance with MACD pointing up. Target 4 points with SL at 3. Trailing stop change to 5 when price changes to 3.

Have a profitable day everyone.
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45 mins to RTH 18 Dec 2008
Prest, check your e-mail when you get a chance
taking some at 900..minor support begins....this is second attempt...first got to the minus 4 and then stopped runners..this is close to minus 8 and support
GM everyone, Vo thanks for the numbers
missed my 898.00(see globex chart posted 6:47 this morning) by one tick...watching
GM margie and yw
have a failed new low would like to see 5m retest and failure
short [email protected] at 905.00,3 point stop
Originally posted by koolblue

Prest, check your e-mail when you get a chance

TY Kool. That looks really intersting. I'll check it out this PM.
I had 10:06 as a mini peak...we'll see!
Originally posted by BruceM

Thanks Vo that's what I had imagined you can use price projection failures on the lower time frame to get you going in the direction of the larger time frame......
Originally posted by VOwater

and yes bruce the bigger time frame projections do indeed carry more weight

speaking of failures....*cough *cough

(im alluding to myself)

yes yes i need more confidence but poking fun at myself is better than seriously saying im a tool.
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