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ES 30min RSI overbought/oversold

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Covered at +10

Looks good for another 4-5 points...The 14 period RSI is hitting some strong resistance thats why we have stalled at this 884. And 886 is square of nine,
thanks Joe.....Interesting I can only see shorts that's what makes the market I'm expecting a gap fill..want to see the 30 minute close below 79 and 81 for some greater confidence...nice trade for you though...excellent
FWIW..we have daily and weekly numbers up at this 82 area
finally a plus 4....with the hour breakout players getting long..I'll add at 88 if needed to this short
I am short @ 885, as the 14 period RSI is hooking down now, and 886 is square of nine.
great minds think a like......I still want to see the 30 miute close below the open and then yesterdays high

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I took 1/2 off at 880 + 5 on those. Targeting 871 area i.e. next square of nine
There is your 30min close below yesterdays high. Is that T.T. trading, or just simple supply/demand?
they're pricing in the devistation of the bird flu pandemic. People are dying in the states now. Airports are getting attacked by FEMA.
People are dying in states now? I didn't know that, how many, where?

Have you used the ADX. If so what time frame?

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