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ES 30min RSI overbought/oversold

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Take a look at the $tick 5min today, a classic exhaust gap on the 30min ES, new high-then sell off.
Mexico/Texas, New York & L.A. Corner-states.
ES @ square nine 871, finding some support covered @ 871 +14 on those
Originally posted by CharterJoe

I am short @ 885, as the 14 period RSI is hooking down now, and 886 is square of nine.

good for you guys! sold 884.00 on my first position trade since sept! took half off at 876 cause the proj minimum was 873. stop breakeven and looking for 861ish today or tomorrow

best fill for me is 67.50 as per my merged profile thread......Joe I had that same exact channel on $ done everyone....minus 20 is at your 861 number Kool...have two measley left but no good stop loss....
Because of yesterdays closing ticks signal, 35-40 handles has to be expected...and since the high(at least temporarily ) appears to be in at 887- i belive we'll likely see 850 before all is said and done.
30 min RSI @ 70 and going sideways, looks like its going to form a nice divergence on this top...This was a quick pop to 896, still looking for 906, only problem is that it got there (896) so quick and I wouldn't want to short until the close.
Bought some SPY May 89 puts @ 1.81

edit (ES @ 890)
I'll add some more when/if it runs up 901 (square nine)
Joe ;
snap a line @ the mean of the 10am edt 5min. candle 889.50 acting as support
at this point

Have you used the ADX. If so what time frame?

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