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Paint Bar Factory PBF Squeeze indicator

I have been reading about the PBF (paint bar factory)
Squeeze indicator,

off the Paint Bar Factory site.

Lots of charts and interesting read.

Has anyone had any experience with this indicator,

and does anyone use it in trading the E-Mini?

I would appreciate any/all comments,
since I'm quite interested in it.

thanks in advance

Let me just point one thing out for you, since if I don't you'll be swamped with replies. When anyone posts about a company, and especially if they make it sound like it's pretty good stuff, and it is their first post, or they've only made a few posts (and hence they are not real well known at the forum), everyone suspects they are a shill for the company. Why? Because perhaps 99% of the people who post with that profile are.

So, even though this is a technique shills have come to know, commenting right away about involvement with the company (in your case you could simply state you have no interest in the company, and purely want honest feedback because you are considering the product) at least makes the statement that you are not a shill. In any given case we have to determine if the person is or isn't a shill, but by starting out straight up with a clear statement about association, it puts the new poster who fits this profile on a good footing to start out.

I am posting this not directed at chugger per se, but for all new posters, so you can see it from the point of view of long-term members who get tired of endless shills ruining the forum. Make your post as clear and forthcoming as you can, and you will get the best results, and not a lot of immediate hassle.
Hey Chugger, you must have Ninja Trader too. I say that because I just got an email from Ninja Trader today, that they are a new partner with Ninja Trader.

I also would like to know the answer to your question and I'm also a new poster to this site..I've never heard of but they made some strong claims about their indicators and I'd like to know if anyone has tried them.

Thank You Mr Kane for your reply.

Since this was my first post on this site,
I appreciate you steering me in the proper direction.

I dont post much at any forum, mostly just a lurker,
trying to pick up a few trading tips.

Let Me assure you I have no professional interest in PBF.

I read about a "Squeeze Indicator" on another site,
and the poster was using it along with other things to trade successfully,
so they claimed.

A search on that subject led me to a "TTM Squeeze indicator",
and from there I stumbled onto the PBF Squeeze.

The PBF claims their indicator is much better then TTM,
and priced about the same, so therefor,
I really became interested in it.

The PBF site provides a lot of information, and is quite convinceing,
but this is "internet", and it seems that most anything goes on the net,
so I have reservations about throwing away any more good money.

I have bought many books and methods in the past years,
only to be disappointed, so some time ago,
I made a committment not to do it again.

I would not hesitate to pay the asking price for a good entry indicator
if I was convinced it would work for me,
and the price for PFF is not out of line---
if it is as good as it is portrayed to be.

In the past, I have been mostly a position trader,
and only recently found the time and became interested in day trading.

I am primarily looking for a good entry method,
from which to scalp a few points in the E-Mini.

If the PBF has already been discussed,
I would appreciate someone steering me in the proper direction,
here or on another site.

I hope some one with actual experience
with PBF can provide some input here.

I hope this post answers any question about the legitimacy of my post.

Thank You

Hi Cordell,

I have been using Open E-cry platform for over a year.
I like it quite well.

Only very recently have I tried Ninja Trader in Sim mode.
Actually I like E-cry better, at this point.
But that may be because I am new and clumbsey to Ninja.

As I understand it, PBF only offers their product in
Trade Station and now Ninja.

If I were to purchase PBF Squeeze,
I would prefer to use it on E-cry, if it were available.

Hopefully we can read some discussion on the squeeze,
either TTM or PBF.

Thanks for the reply
I also appreciate if someone is able to shed light on this based on ownership of PBF and real experience.

I am also new - have read a bunch of books and have been practicing on the TradeStation simulator. Found the TTM site from one of John Carter's books, which was very good. Further searches led me to Paint Bar Factory.

Everything looks very legitimate, but I have also know that anyone can write anything and there are people that will say anything to get your money. The non-posted phone bothers me, but then if people are willing to write lies, ...I have learned the painful truth that people are willing to say the lies to you on the other end of the phone.

At the end of the day, the only way to know ids from someone with real experience, ...and then hope they are not a shill as well...

Feel free to send me a private message and I will share my list of books and what I thought...or anything else I can, in the hopes that some nice person will return the favor to me down the road....what goes around-comes around.

You can get the squeeze & many other forex indicators free at [broken link removed]
Originally posted by staylor455

You can get the squeeze & many other forex indicators free at [link removed]

Thanks so much for the referal. At this point my main interest is an evaluation from someone that owned and used PBF Squeeze.

If there is anyone that can give us a hands-on evaluation as to whether this product was useful, accurate, worth purchasing, etc., it would be SO INCREDIBLY APPRECIATED!!! .....RATHER THAN everyone's two cents which are based on using someone else home-grown version, what they heard from a friend that has also never purchased nor used the product, conjecture, rumor, uninformed opinion, what they read on another posting, tea leaves, palm Reading, weegie boards, etc, etc, etc,......
Hi SCA & Chugger --- I own a whole package of Paint Bar Factory indicators for TradeStation. I was sufficiently impressed that I also then purchased the 'Holy Grail' indicator. You have to own the Squeeze to "qualify" to buy the HG ! This is IMO part a sensible screening and part a clever 'exclusivity close' in salesmanship terms.

Anyway, I also subsequently acquired one of the retread TTM type versions as part of something else. In truth, I've only put them both on the same chart in order to reply to your question ! To me the PBF Squeeze seems more responsive,tighter and certainly,albeit less important,aesthetically more elegant.

Crunch Question :-- Do I use it (them) in my real money trading ? Answer -- I only use the PBF 'Buy/Sell Pressure Indicator +PBF2EMA in my ES trading system as I prefer an 'Ergodic Combo' as it is IMO faster and more accurate for scalping. I primarily trade price action (with ERG comfirmation) on a 133 or 233 Tick chart depending on TOD / volatility with a 3M chart using the TTT lines and other S/R points from higher TF's etc -- as an overview.

However I have used the HG & Squeeze combination for this type of trading and it does seem to work quite well.

I do use the HG & Squeeze + PBF2EMA for my Forex trading but that is primarily with 4m/15m/1H charts.

As a Brit I'm not prone to gratuitously praising people but I feel I have to say the the PBF people are some of the most pleasant and helpful I've dealt with on-line. Nothing seems like too much trouble and they have comprehensively and satisfactorily answered all my questions and queries well after my purchases.

HTH ---- Pirate

p/s Yes I've only just joined this forum but unless PBF have set up a UK office hopefully you'll accept that I'm not a front for them !!
I joined in case I want to ask something in the TTT section.

Hi Pirate:

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Can I ask how long you have been trading, and...(this is obnoxious)....if you are doing so successfully, and if so, if there is anything you would recommend as a resource to learn and succeed - books, video courses, a for-hire mentor you have found.

I bought about a dozen of the best rated books on Amazon and have gotten through about 8 of them so far and then went through all the recorded webinars on the TradeStation member's site. I am trading Forex with some reasonable consistency on the demo side and was looking for a good indicator.

Many thanks once again- appreciate anything you can add.
Not obnoxious but maybe a little presumptious !! I've been trading sporadically for about nine years but only consistently profitable for about the last three years.

There are plenty of better more succesful traders on this forum than me but as you ask for my advice I'll give it to you -- but I know you won't like it. 1) At this point in time stop chasing that great indicator that will make all the difference .Focus on getting your psychology right and understanding what sort of personality you really are rather that aspire to be. This dictates what sort of trading you would be best at. 2) Make the time commitment if possible to be able to trade your style 3) By all means search out products and systems that suit your style/personality but then try to make them your OWN 4) Start small but with real money once you get a feel for your chosen market/time frame(s)5) Spend time understanding money management 6) Only extent to another market when you are consistently profitable with one market...............

I'm a good chess player and the associated pattern recognition skills are useful in trading but I haven't fulfilled my original potential because I have a library of over 100 books on chess openings and have neglected middle game strategy and end game technique. The trading parallel is that I was always searching for that 'perfect opening' that would give me a competitive edge so became a 'jack of all trades' and master of none....

Having surfed loads of trading forums the parallel is uncanny. I'm a decisive, action orientated,systematic sort of person so fast day trading suits my personality. I run my own consultancy business which is project oriented so I have time to day trade when I don't have a project to run and I don't rely on trading for income as such.
I've taken ideas,concepts,set ups and yes indicators from others but to fit into the development of my system that suit me and how I am. I only tell you this to prompt you to 'look in the mirror' and do the same. Good luck.

If you're an eSignal user then we have the same indicator available in our indicator collection but we've called it the BBKCSwap. The BB stands for Bollinger Band and the KC for Keltner Channel and the swap means that when these values swap over the signals change.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

Click image for original size
Example of chart with BBKCSwap indicator on it. Chart is NQ 5 minutes.

Most of the indicators that we provide are documented but at the time of writing this the BBKCSwap indicator is not documented. Hopefully we'll get to that in the near future.

If, however, you're an eSignal user then you can use this indicator immediately if you're a Premium Member of MyPivots. It will be one of the indicators that is downloaded from the Premium Access section of the site.
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