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Paint Bar Factory PBF Squeeze indicator

I have been reading about the PBF (paint bar factory)
Squeeze indicator,

off the Paint Bar Factory site.

Lots of charts and interesting read.

Has anyone had any experience with this indicator,

and does anyone use it in trading the E-Mini?

I would appreciate any/all comments,
since I'm quite interested in it.

thanks in advance
Thanks so much...yes, I am not looking for "the answer" in an indicator and obviously it does not exist, ...or many people/everyone would have it and trade according to it, and we would all be wealthy.

So, I am not looking for something that does not exist....rather, I am looking for a good indicator that is helpful in assisting to determine breaks and patterns and additional info to determine if the right edge movement is a pattern or an aberation....

With that said, we live in a sad world where too many people have little scruples and the Internet provides an incredible playground for them to write anything, say anything, and hype anything on a faceless/nameless basis...

So I am looking for real hands-on experience to evaluate which is any/either of these indicators has some/great/no utility...the two majors seems to be TTM and Paint Bar Factory...obviously the later says they are extremely superior to the former...

So just looking for actual hands-on evaluations,...since the hype all sounds and looks the same such that you can't tell truth from hype anymore...

Many thanks...
Thank You Pirate 54, for your reply.

Its good to see someone post who has actually paid the purchase price,
and doesn't regret it.

It is good the hear the seller has legitimacy.

I guess I am surprized at your comment
( as I understand it)
that you have both the PBF Squeeze and Holy Grail,
but evidently prefer your 'Ergodic Combo' .

Have you tried the squeeze alone, taking the signal, entering a stop
and a profit target
to see just how accurate it is by itself?

I try to trade price action combined with other standard indicators,
and/ or patterns,
but I find I'm second guessing Myself as I enter the trade.
This comes from my lack of accuracy in my entrys.

As I stated previously, I am looking for an entry I can build some confidence in,
than take a hit and run approach scalping a point or two in the ES.

With this approach,
I suppose I would need something near 80-85% or more accuracy.

The PBF site indicates this may be possible, from testimonys.
Would you think this possible with the PBF Squeeze alone,
or the Squeeze combied with the Holy Grail.

Again I appreciate your replys,
and the others to this thread.

I am looking for an entry I can build some confidence in,
than take a hit and run approach scalping a point or two in the ES.

Charter Joe's Mini IB thread, it's an easy couple points most days. Everyone has to find what works for them & their personality
ref SCA --OK . I start my thinking the other way round (ref ES) in that I look for a pattern from a very small set I have confidence in. I then use a preferred indicator as confirmation. If the market is dull I use the 133T-- if lively the 233T . I like Richard's interpretation on here of Taylor's work and employ his daily work TTT sheet on a 5m chart(often start with 15m) where I also put other S/R lines. Whilst I trade from the ES quarterly futures contract ( eg ESU09)I use ED.D for the latter because he is right that "Trader Vic's Opening Gap Play" seems to exert a very powerful influence on the morning session and beyond.

I start from price action and candlestick patterns ( Engulfing Bars, Dark Cloud Cover/Piercing Lines, Evening & Morning Star/Doji Patterns only)+ I like the work of Suri Duddella and have put a lot of work into analysing his chart patterns in respect to the ES .

Authors whose work I have found very helpful are 1) Steve Nison 2) Suri Duddella 3) Al Brooks 'Trading Bar by Bar' awful writing and layout but some powerful things to say. I've never had a mentor but I like Bill McCready's approach to the ES --it chimes with how I like to trade. Obviously this approach might not be right for you .
I also think that the guy at e-mini Watch has a very interesting e-mini trading approach and is a first class TS ESL programmer and sells some very good indicators at very modest prices -- have a look!

ref Chugger -- I have tried the PBF Squeeze on its own and with the HG and with my ERG Combo and others. It probably works best with the HG because to be fair to the PBF people they do say their suite of indicators are designed to work together and complement each other. I can see the synergy between the HG and the Squeeze. However, it is a pricey set to buy and you have to play around a lot to optimise the HG especially for Forex. IMO the Squeeze is too slow to independently generate entry signals on the ES especially a zero line cross approach however the zero line rejects ( ala CCI ) are quite good and so is divergence which is easier to see than on the HG. To me the Squeeze is best as a trend continuation tool and that is what I use it for in Forex trading.

Thanks Pirate, for your candid analysis.-

I'm glad you were willing to share your experience.

I really appreciate it.

I guess I would like to hear more positive comments
if I were to go ahead and purchase the squeeze,
so right now I'm pretty undecided.

If anyone else makes the purchase, or currently uses it,
I for one, would appreciate a comment on it.

Thanks for the opportunity to post here.
Thanks Taylor,

I'll take a look at Charter Joe's Mini IB thread.

I appreciate your help.
I can't comment on this indicator with any authority, but I can say that after many years of trading including filling in daily charts by hand, the last thing I need is an indicator (oscillator). Reading market action is job one. I'm not ruling out a variety of 'methods' for interpreting market action--including Market Profile, Taylor, long and short term resistance and support, etc. I would look for confirming indicators, such as volume, leading markets of the same type, such as indexes, or markets with inverse relationships, and lately, early moves overseas that can take the air of U.S. markets. If you can find one that helps, more power to you, but be ready for the day it stops working and don't be stubborn about it. And btw you can find a majority of these indicators for free on NinjaTrader's Forum. Why would anyone sell an indicator if it were truly unique. I think that you would do well to ask how can one go about developing a method that is systematic and reliable. That's a big part of the job.

It doesn't hurt to look for a community of sympathetic and helpful people to shorten the learning curve. Now it's time for me to walk the dog. I usually get ideas when doing this which is a bonus.
Hi, I too have the pbf package. i haven't used in a while as I have been working j.o.b. a bit too much. I can however vouch for incredible customer support and I feel honesty of the company. I found the setup as they show it a bit to much and busy.
PIRATE: Would you be willing to share how you set up the EDS and FX with PBF and the "ergodic combo"? I would be interested in an alternative use maybe I am missing. thanks.

Originally posted by Pirate54

Hi SCA & Chugger --- I own a whole package of Paint Bar Factory indicators for TradeStation. I was sufficiently impressed that I also then purchased the 'Holy Grail' indicator. You have to own the Squeeze to "qualify" to buy the HG ! This is IMO part a sensible screening and part a clever 'exclusivity close' in salesmanship terms.

Anyway, I also subsequently acquired one of the retread TTM type versions as part of something else. In truth, I've only put them both on the same chart in order to reply to your question ! To me the PBF Squeeze seems more responsive,tighter and certainly,albeit less important,aesthetically more elegant.

Crunch Question :-- Do I use it (them) in my real money trading ? Answer -- I only use the PBF 'Buy/Sell Pressure Indicator +PBF2EMA in my ES trading system as I prefer an 'Ergodic Combo' as it is IMO faster and more accurate for scalping. I primarily trade price action (with ERG comfirmation) on a 133 or 233 Tick chart depending on TOD / volatility with a 3M chart using the TTT lines and other S/R points from higher TF's etc -- as an overview.

However I have used the HG & Squeeze combination for this type of trading and it does seem to work quite well.

I do use the HG & Squeeze + PBF2EMA for my Forex trading but that is primarily with 4m/15m/1H charts.

As a Brit I'm not prone to gratuitously praising people but I feel I have to say the the PBF people are some of the most pleasant and helpful I've dealt with on-line. Nothing seems like too much trouble and they have comprehensively and satisfactorily answered all my questions and queries well after my purchases.

HTH ---- Pirate

p/s Yes I've only just joined this forum but unless PBF have set up a UK office hopefully you'll accept that I'm not a front for them !!
I joined in case I want to ask something in the TTT section.

You can get an indicator similar to PBF and TTM for NinjaTrader here for free.

Thanks Tomasito, Stifland and Shodson,

for your recent posts and comments.

Altho I haven't done anything yet,

I doubt I will,

unless I see additional raving comments about the incicator.

I appreciate the contributions

If you're an eSignal user then we have the same indicator available in our indicator collection but we've called it the BBKCSwap. The BB stands for Bollinger Band and the KC for Keltner Channel and the swap means that when these values swap over the signals change.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

Click image for original size
Example of chart with BBKCSwap indicator on it. Chart is NQ 5 minutes.

Most of the indicators that we provide are documented but at the time of writing this the BBKCSwap indicator is not documented. Hopefully we'll get to that in the near future.

If, however, you're an eSignal user then you can use this indicator immediately if you're a Premium Member of MyPivots. It will be one of the indicators that is downloaded from the Premium Access section of the site.
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