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ES short term trading 5-28-10

Anyone trading today?? anyone shorting 06.25?
nice and efficient triple run.....but now which will print that 93.75 or 1106.25 and we need an hour run out...trying to hold runers for that 93.75 print now that trips are done...
Looks like 93.75 prints.
Haven't broken the open by a single tick to the upside. Unbeliveable...
flat at 94...a perfect cleanup to print only two ratchets so far 1100 and 93.75.....if we assume a 12.5 point range ( perhaps a big ASS-umption then we still need to see 1106.25 or 1087.50
sometime today......

I hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend....I'll be checking back to babble later
somedays it almost feels as if the floor is reading our posts...LOL!!!that was tricky!! ledges still below and that gap in data from YD at 91.50...just watching ..nothing working!!
Originally posted by Piker

Looks like 93.75 prints.
Yeah, I went long at 94 but I got out with 1 point. I think we print 87.5.
To reiterate what ak1 mentioned...we had no 15 or 30 minute closes above 1100 and for that matter we haven't yet closed below 93.75 either....just something for further research..

89 - 94 is the big HV zone from YD trade...if it wasn't for that ledge and that gap issue I'd want to get long down here....

bias blindsides me sometime still
that 87.50 seems so far away for some reason...I won't be surprised if they fake out those of us with short glasses on and go back to 1100 and higher
followed my plan. im out -10 pts.
interesting...I wasn't in it but there goes the ledge and data clean up.....those who sold the 93.75 would have got 90.75 too....I was glad to be sidelined...especially when confused...! well done piker!!
Anyone position long right now. I shorted at 1100 on Friday with my stop at 1110. Could use a looser stop. This could push into 1125. The trend to me is still down and feel the upside if this trades back down to 1040 again is very big. The break of that support could send the market into a free fall. 950,875,800. These levels will be next to be tested if that happens. The jobs numbers seem to be pretty important in terms of what the bulls are doing. I'm short two contracts. No price target looking to use two stops. Bring one to entry and the other as a trailing stop if I get onside.

Also if anyone has money kicking around CME in my opinion is a decent long. Nice on the charts Daily and Weekly. CME Group was heavily involved in the package to Europe. Trading at $316. Stop at $290. This thing was up near $700. It will see $450 again on the conservative side. 8-9 percent risk for 50 to 100 percent return. This is a longer time frame trade. 1 year or more.