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ES short-term trading for 7-15-10

You were right again (what else is new)
I see 81 printed, but I don't remember why you expected it.

Today is looking pretty grim, especially with the seasonal weakness koolblue had in that average performances of trade days of the month.

It is before 11 o'clock and the ES has already undercut its 5 day average of the Low versus the Open which is at 1086.50 for today. A move like this often means trend sell day.

with 5 day average RTH range at 12, today's RTH H minus 12 = 79.75, have to watch PA there , with second air, return to 83.25 likely? Am I reading this right, Bruce?
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Originally posted by BruceM

two things are unresolved from today...that low near 79 and 82.50

85 becomes key price to for long/short think about shorts if we can get below the 85 !!

VWAP is at 1085.50 currently!
flat at 87.50.....we'll wait..just don't trust this time..
Originally posted by BruceM

flat at 87.50.....we'll wait..just don't trust this time..

I hear ya...whether its true or not...something about 2:00pm-3:00pm time frame.
108.75 50% of down wave today
sorry, 1087.75
I'm gonna wait to see if they can print the 85.25 area on my shorts..we need some volume!!
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this 86 area...anyone remember yesterday?...the gap that didn't fill and that ledge...somebody likes fooling with it!!
Originally posted by BruceM

I think they want to test 84 again...little time spent there today and nested between that 85 number and the small short at 87.50....tough time of day!
..EXCELLANT ANALYSIS... but you bailed too quick.. i think you'll get your 82!!!
You can look here in the morning as it will be updated by then but we have had lots of high closing $Ticks this week...

so doubt we have lots of divergence lately. This guy corey posts some simple but effective view points regarding internals too..
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