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ES short-term trading for 7-15-10

You were right again (what else is new)
I see 81 printed, but I don't remember why you expected it.

Today is looking pretty grim, especially with the seasonal weakness koolblue had in that average performances of trade days of the month.

It is before 11 o'clock and the ES has already undercut its 5 day average of the Low versus the Open which is at 1086.50 for today. A move like this often means trend sell day.

with 5 day average RTH range at 12, today's RTH H minus 12 = 79.75, have to watch PA there , with second air, return to 83.25 likely? Am I reading this right, Bruce?
two off at 82.75...trying to hold for those 79 players
c'mon we all see those double lows...!!damn it...! lol!
need that 84 to hold back any rally attempt now!!
Click image for original size
my two runners got taken at 84.75...look at the low range 15 minute bars down where support came in....just an FYI
I'll be reselling 85.25 again....if it comes back
lowering sell to 84.50
s 89.50...for 87 and lower
Originally posted by phileo

Originally posted by koolblue

So to summarise todays scalps for me... resistance at 1086.75, 1088.50,1090.50 and support at 1074.75, 1068.50 and 1066.50.. Could alwys change, but thats what my charts are currently telling me. Looking off a little longer term... higher prices coming ,but weakness probable for a while first. Note that so far today, it looks as tho we are getting the early strength ,later weakness scenerio, and if that holds thru out the day ,would be short term bearish. also we appear to be getting daily range expansion on a down day ,also negative... just some thoughts FWIW..LOL

I saw that break of 1086.75, and got long for the 1088.5 target you mentioned.

You've nailed these numbers right to the tick, great job as usual!

Just curious though, I didn't see 1088.5 in any of the charts that you posted, do you have a link?

Ok, saw the 1088.5 breakout, but flubbed up my execution, and got only 0.75 pt out of the run-up to 1090.5
flat 90..they may go for the hour high..too late for me!
You can look here in the morning as it will be updated by then but we have had lots of high closing $Ticks this week...

so doubt we have lots of divergence lately. This guy corey posts some simple but effective view points regarding internals too..
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