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ES short-term trading for 7-15-10

You were right again (what else is new)
I see 81 printed, but I don't remember why you expected it.

Today is looking pretty grim, especially with the seasonal weakness koolblue had in that average performances of trade days of the month.

It is before 11 o'clock and the ES has already undercut its 5 day average of the Low versus the Open which is at 1086.50 for today. A move like this often means trend sell day.

with 5 day average RTH range at 12, today's RTH H minus 12 = 79.75, have to watch PA there , with second air, return to 83.25 likely? Am I reading this right, Bruce?
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1086.75 as promised!! and no votes!...tough room,lol
Originally posted by BruceM

new shorts for me at 83.50......double 30 minute bar lows in 79 .25 ....seems like they are accepting the lower far!!

I'm trying to keep up with you guys, but sometime my head is spinning. I went long at 1084.00 as it broke above 1083.50???
i clearly stated all day my intention to sell 1086.75...short 2..covering one at 1085.00 and holding the other for 1083 and change
Looking for triple top reversal 1 min chart
added two at 86.50 ...that was the air pocket fill in....but I think this up move isn't over yet!! so this trade is a challenge at best....targeting 82.25
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..ONE OFF AT 1085.00 plus 1.75 and now up 5.25 handles ..
Originally posted by DavidS

Looking for triple top reversal 1 min chart

I'm curious, DavidS, why triple top in 1 min? is there some price structure in place that points to high odds for a triple top?
Fwiw, i dont believe in triple tops... cmon 1083!
84 even is low volume....trouble is that when this 30 minute bar closes we will have two matching highs on 30 minutes
You can look here in the morning as it will be updated by then but we have had lots of high closing $Ticks this week...

so doubt we have lots of divergence lately. This guy corey posts some simple but effective view points regarding internals too..
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