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ES Short-Term Trading 3-7-2011

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trips @ 12.50 guys.
Volume just from today so far hits at 1310.50 , 1319.50 ( low volume based on TIME up there too) and 26.50....

I missed the long off the key 07.75 but If I took it then the 1310 area would have been the target..

Double prints on current lows.....dalton would call that a poor low and would look for that to be revisited.....Sometime in the future...LOL.....doesn't mean today. watch for any dry up in volume away from that 1307 number.....that would imply that buyers can't drive it away enough and the attractor will bring it back down to it
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Originally posted by Lorn

trips @ 12.50 guys.
I think what we saw there was some healthy short covering off Bruce's key 1307.75 level.
the thing about a huge volume number like the 1307.75 is that many are taught to buy into VPOC that are that big,,,,,,I find the bigger ones tend to really jerk us around with multiple tests and don't usually just make "V" bottomes off good odds that will come back into play ..especially with the double low
Higher Low trying here... snagged a quick +5 ticks off the 8.50 retest level
using longer term fibs... 1305.25 is 76.4% of last weeks globex move from 96.25 - 34.5, 1311 was 61.8 which was supp Fri, and now appears to be resist
Originally posted by pt_emini

Higher Low trying here... snagged a quick +5 ticks off the 8.50 retest level
HA HA, You da man P.T.!.. MAN YOURE A MICRO SCALPER!..i REMEMBER WHEN YOU AND ME AND VO used to trade you were always much longer term!...welcome to my world! lol
from the weekend update..."Since these triangle waves should be a-b-c's, its possible that a (of e) was 1334.50 to 1311.50 and b(of e) ran up to 1322 late in the session Friday. So one more possible move down to c(of e) to complete the triangle at c=.618 a at 1307.75. This would be a nice 'gap fill' at 1308 satisfying gap support guys. " but to be honest, i still think lower prices lie ahead!
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