ES key number for 3-10-11

1300 - 1302

1306.75 - 1308.25



Watch to see if we are outside yesterdays range and then we get a 30 minute close back above YD lows and the LOWEST 30 minute close of YD
Bruce ... assuming you're using ES March contract data for these #'s and trading the March contract today (or at least this morning)?
correct...I'm hoping to get trading over with fast this morning and then look at the June contract after lunch
As of right now:

March contract volume = 457976
June contract volume = 148531

Still a significant difference.
I'm hoping they push out the O/N low first to get a long on for the 1306 - 1308 zone...that's my main plan...due to the consolidations we need to be real careful though of the POTENTIAL trend and VALID breakout.....volume will give us some clues
O/N profile for the march contract.

Click image for original size
on the 1300 ...this is dangerous as it is early and could be a valid breakout
watching 98.75 carefully that will be 5 points below O/N low
Fast Market, careful fading this technical break. Market is breaking lows on daily charts. One last line of support to break. June contract thin and gapping lower.
In KB's absence, 1313.0-1307.25 >>> 1298.0 full projection
added at 98.75..targt is now 1301
great call optimus !