ES key number for 3-10-11

1300 - 1302

1306.75 - 1308.25



Watch to see if we are outside yesterdays range and then we get a 30 minute close back above YD lows and the LOWEST 30 minute close of YD
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nice trade Kool !

I re-entered short at 97.50

covered that position at 6.50
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One last comment regarding the 'longer term' .. using June numbers instead of 1283-86 ,im thinking around 1281.25 (minimum)...more on the weekend
94 is critical price as per june that they seem to be accepting higher trade coming
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Hi kool! welcome back! i agree with your numbers for the long term, my 60m chart on page 2 shows we may be heading for a deep dip into the 1280's and possibly lower.
trying to take one off at 1297.25, so far no freakin fill! on the runner is 1296 minimum
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1299 was/is the On low for that is a critical price...a perfect test...
great call optimus !