ES key number for 3-10-11

1300 - 1302

1306.75 - 1308.25



Watch to see if we are outside yesterdays range and then we get a 30 minute close back above YD lows and the LOWEST 30 minute close of YD
this is the third time that area has been will be interesting if we drop down there again from this 94 area....
what is fascinating to me with this volume down here is that it correlates to the moves...meaning the first test today down into the 89 area had the biggest volume and travelled up the furthest......second one didn't go as far and the volume spike was lower....then this last mini spike was the lowest of the three and only went up to 94.50

so in this case the volume spikes equates with the size of the move...luv this stuff!!
buyers are growing tired!!
Originally posted by optimusprime

my 1 hour chart shows we can head much lower if we get a breakout bar to the down side at 1297-1298 , i would be looking for it to go to 1288 maybe?
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es 03 11 60 min 3102011

great call optimus !