ES key number for 3-10-11

1300 - 1302

1306.75 - 1308.25



Watch to see if we are outside yesterdays range and then we get a 30 minute close back above YD lows and the LOWEST 30 minute close of YD
stops still waiting above the 1301 which is an air pocket.....anytime there is "air" we cannot be sure the folks who formed it won't re-enter like they did today

anyway that is my next target if they don't go back down to test 95.50 and all that volume down there...that will stop these two out
one more off at 99.50 ...holding one
I second this whole heartily.

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Looking for volume divergences at just some random place is a losing game's where they happen that matters

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I suggest you filter looking for this concept two ways Feng and that is 1) the time of day

2) what happens when we break a KEY prices

Today we broke through 1300 on big volume and then the dry up came underneath it...that is the critical point

Looking for volume divergences at just some random place is a losing game's where they happen that matters

i see so what is defined as a "key price"?
we are right at the low of the highest volume bar of the day...that was on the third one minute bar of the day......hence my cover on that one.....
High/low from previous session
O/N high/low
High/low of the month
1st hour High/low
and other key PA support/resistance levels.

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i see so what is defined as a "key price"?
Feng - I gotta admit I'm kinda taken back by that question.....I've been in here for years pounding my chest about key number and why they are key numbers.....

I'm running out of NRG!!

and I just stopped out at 97.25....LOL
99.50 and 95.50 are where all the big volume is playing out...
sorry Feng..I'm not trying to sound like an ass and cop an attitude.....the very best areas will have VOLUME associated with them because some big players DID something there...we can see it...and then we have daily Highs and lows and overnight highs and lows.....key round numbers.....60 minute

I think Lorn covered these

The "gurus" now have a good saying which I actually agree with

"define the areas YOU want to conduct your business at"..

Then look to volume to confirm or negate these area....many are doing great work with DELTA too........I will be going down that path soon myself as I don't want to add into trades as much....

so we are always looking to refine our ideas....

so accept my apology please
no worries. unlike most adults, i dont get offended easily by everything.

i'm just looking for extra ideas to keep in mind always as well..i got that approach from you actually.

thanks lorn for the #'s.
great call optimus !