ES key numbers 3-11-11

1390.50 all that great volume on Thursday

1394.50 - a peak volume price based on time and VWAP

1301 - 1302 Thursdays highs and a key area

1308 - 1309- adjusted numbers from March contract

1316 - 1317.50 - adjusted numbers from march contract

It seems like we may be overcooked to the downside so Hoping for a gap lower in the morning to set up buys......and will need to use overnight numbers to key off of as I really don't have any good volume numbers below todays lows..
Nice call on that short Kool. I managed a couple scalps short on the way back to the VWAP at 1288

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Morning High Balance
all volume is right at 90 again so somebody is liking that for a retest from 87
us buyers are trying to hold the OR up at 89.25
flat at 91.75...really thought they may have run those stops below at 87 so that was reason I took some off early..
they're trying to digest this 90 number which is always a hard spot...will they accept it and go for the 1294.50 or reject it and go to get new lows and 82.50......? No good signals here so waiting for IB to complete
short 89.25 for those stops at 87....light now...inside IB is risky for me AFTER it completes
flat at 89.75...
selling up above 90.50 .... to get these folks at the 87 area
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bailed at 90.25...too dull
much better to take trades AWAY from your key numbers and use them as targets.....u can see how hard both those trades were and both initiated right near the 90 key....tough spot...went nowhere as the volume is still the magnet
and see where that stopped.......? Right at the Overnight high.....just pointing that out for those who deny the power of the Overnight session..the On high was 93.50!!