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ES key numbers 3-11-11

1390.50 all that great volume on Thursday

1394.50 - a peak volume price based on time and VWAP

1301 - 1302 Thursdays highs and a key area

1308 - 1309- adjusted numbers from March contract

1316 - 1317.50 - adjusted numbers from march contract

It seems like we may be overcooked to the downside so Hoping for a gap lower in the morning to set up buys......and will need to use overnight numbers to key off of as I really don't have any good volume numbers below todays lows..
trying again from 97.50...we'll see if the volume divergence plays out
oh yeah forgot to mention the 5 min red avg is (like the projection!) currently at 1295.00.. i'll take one off at 1296.50, and hold the runner for close to there(hopefully!)
one off at 1296.50,plus 1.75 on that one holding for 1295.50 with a breakeven stop
Man, upon reviewing yesterdays posts , i got more votes on my Bob Segar (page 5) post that my accurate chart posts! lol you guys are sick!!
chart update:(too lazy to post) min: direction=down upper bands=1298.25-1298.75, lower bands=1294.25-1294.75.... 5min direction=up upper bands 1300.00 -1301.75 lower bands 1292.25-1293.50...13 min direction= up upper bands 1300.25-1302.25 lower bands 1285.75-1287.75... 30 min direction = up upper bands 1295.25-1297.25 lower bands 1281.25-1283.25
projection to 1295.00 still valid, still trying to exit my runner at 1295.50, blah,blah,blah!... sigh
Originally posted by koolblue

projection to 1295.00 still valid, still trying to exit my runner at 1295.50, blah,blah,blah!... sigh
how bout a rousing chorus of row,row,row the boat? one..two.. three...
The only other Michigan!.. The guitarist was cool, but the lead singers were prima donnas as i recall! I partied with them right before their first album came out ..called one
finally out! at 1295.50,plus 2.75 there..
3 off at 94.25....trying to hold one for single print fill in but keeping it tight.....chart later
and see where that stopped.......? Right at the Overnight high.....just pointing that out for those who deny the power of the Overnight session..the On high was 93.50!!
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