ES key numbers 3-11-11

1390.50 all that great volume on Thursday

1394.50 - a peak volume price based on time and VWAP

1301 - 1302 Thursdays highs and a key area

1308 - 1309- adjusted numbers from March contract

1316 - 1317.50 - adjusted numbers from march contract

It seems like we may be overcooked to the downside so Hoping for a gap lower in the morning to set up buys......and will need to use overnight numbers to key off of as I really don't have any good volume numbers below todays lows..
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Here's your Triple Low Bruce...

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Balance Triple Low
None has mentioned it , but dont you find it very freakin strange that yesterdays low was 1287.75 and last nite we go almost 10 handles lower , and yet, on the rth we havent even tested the overnite low!!! Usually rth boyz hate the niteowls having all the fun and be it a high or low,the at least make an attempt to get it!...Perhaps later today ,or even Mon?
thanks much as I like that target as it seems like an OBVIOUS chart point I can't help notice that the $ticks seem to be implying strength compared to yesterday at these levels

I'm waiting for IB to break
You wont have long to wait,Bruce this thing is almost dont with a triangle consolidation (seen on the 13 or 30 min charts) and ready to blow!
buying this break!! 1291.75
Originally posted by koolblue

buying this break!! 1291.75

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Hope its not a false break!!!
I was thinking it was the high of O/N that they will test Kool as it is a key number too and we still have an open and drive day as the OR has far........that damn chart point has messed me up though...LOL
oh, i think they will Bruce! the last one min chart showed that as a projection, finally. And i tend to think we will grind up to that 1302 level eventually. But No retest of the low means it will undoubtably happen later(mon?) which throws a damper on my hope for a strong rebound into the seasonal peak around Wed!
that is a poor high if we compare it to the way the low has been made.....the high has four one minute bars with the same high....that doesn't show agressive selling ...where the current RTH low shows agressive buying.....I hope it rallys for ya Kool
and see where that stopped.......? Right at the Overnight high.....just pointing that out for those who deny the power of the Overnight session..the On high was 93.50!!