ES numbers for 3-25-11

These are the zones that I'm working from and the reasons why:

1314 - 1315 - Spike high in current O/N

1310 - R1 and current consolidation in ON

1304.75 - 1306.75 = VA high , RTH high and volume spikes

1301.50 ****** big key area number = closing VWAP, Pivot ( standard),
VPOC before it shifted and volume spikes

1295.75 - 1296.50 = S1, Volume spikes, VPOC before it shifted

1291.25 - 1292.50 = Old Vol spike from Wednesday and Thursdays low

1287.50 = Key volume area from Wednesday*******

Ranges are tight so numbers are a bit close together but will re -adjust in the morning
trans index running hard, watch es divergence
i would like to give special thanks to BRUCE who took the time to post all the pre market numbers. that's was awesome and i hope you continue to do this
Ols gap closed at 1310.50
Very hard to short in the face of DTX running out front. It is breaking new HOD as well. Biased short today and looking for entry near AH highs (1310-1312).
VOlume at gap closed
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2011 03 251037
looks like the market wants to revisit that 1314 put up in the o/n session
Bulls overpowered bears, as showing on M-Delta. hard to keep up with posts, so sorry
Originally posted by koolblue

Avg daily range last five days is 18.25...1314.00-18.25= 1295ish (at least)
back!,,, or is it 1304+ 18 and change=1323? lol..selling here at 1311.50 or better
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just took a market fill...short from 1312.50
Thanks for all the posters here and for going to the trouble of annotating and posting charts. I have learned some things I have never looked at.

I will begin posting some charts in the future as well. I have some extensive travel over the next few months, but I'll try and contribute some decent info when I can.

Have a great weekend everyone!