ES numbers for 3-25-11

These are the zones that I'm working from and the reasons why:

1314 - 1315 - Spike high in current O/N

1310 - R1 and current consolidation in ON

1304.75 - 1306.75 = VA high , RTH high and volume spikes

1301.50 ****** big key area number = closing VWAP, Pivot ( standard),
VPOC before it shifted and volume spikes

1295.75 - 1296.50 = S1, Volume spikes, VPOC before it shifted

1291.25 - 1292.50 = Old Vol spike from Wednesday and Thursdays low

1287.50 = Key volume area from Wednesday*******

Ranges are tight so numbers are a bit close together but will re -adjust in the morning
time to run off to the office. hope everyone has a great weekend
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2011 03 251230
I guess 1314 means 1314-1315, eh Kool?
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Well time to get some shuteye! I ended up covering my short at 1311.50 for a 1.00 profit on each es (2) up 4.5 on the day. You guys are so into vol ,i thought id share the way i look at it.. for me, its not just about total vol. thats just a measure of PARTICIPATION! Its about whether the vol has more bids getting hit or more offers! And i like to know who's doing it. Hope it helps a little... and also hope everyone has a terrific weekend...
Dow Trans approaching HOD again. ES lagging. Uneasy short and uneasy long in the 11-12 zone.
looking to buy between 308-308.5 if we get there...some confluence there from my medium term charts...310.5 was also a possibility but i decided to pass in hope of lower prices (hope i don't regret it)
so far they are rejecting the volume created up at 1312.50 and 1314...I think they want to go see about the 06 - 07 players still today,,,,careful on longs
Thanks for all the posters here and for going to the trouble of annotating and posting charts. I have learned some things I have never looked at.

I will begin posting some charts in the future as well. I have some extensive travel over the next few months, but I'll try and contribute some decent info when I can.

Have a great weekend everyone!