ES numbers for 3-25-11

These are the zones that I'm working from and the reasons why:

1314 - 1315 - Spike high in current O/N

1310 - R1 and current consolidation in ON

1304.75 - 1306.75 = VA high , RTH high and volume spikes

1301.50 ****** big key area number = closing VWAP, Pivot ( standard),
VPOC before it shifted and volume spikes

1295.75 - 1296.50 = S1, Volume spikes, VPOC before it shifted

1291.25 - 1292.50 = Old Vol spike from Wednesday and Thursdays low

1287.50 = Key volume area from Wednesday*******

Ranges are tight so numbers are a bit close together but will re -adjust in the morning
stopped at b/e on the 2nd half....still got some dough on this one...that's it for me...have a good w/e all
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Very short term update.. still targeting 1311.00
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wow! just woke up to watch the close! And another bingo ,i see! 1309 dead nuts!... but it took all freakin day!!!.. returning to yesterdays 'gap' conversation when you have a gap up like today,but its within yesterdays range, generally the odds are for a gap fill, and a non- trending day...
and there is the 308-308.5 level i was looking to buy....unfortunately came too late in the day....chau

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looking to buy between 308-308.5 if we get there...some confluence there from my medium term charts...310.5 was also a possibility but i decided to pass in hope of lower prices (hope i don't regret it)
took all but one off at 09 just hold and I haven't a clue about Market Delta....could someone send me some links of the more useful webinars/ tutorials on MD.....I know there are tons out there but I want to see just the BEST ideas if that's not asking too much///

That 09 was really just a volume magnet which you can see on a bar chart....watching MD adds tons of stress for to green to red to green...big numbers/small numbers..yikes..

flat at 08.75...and I have no good reason why based on MD....
BruceM (and everyone else interested in M-Delta), here is a link to the Market Delta site video library.
Have a good weekend
in my world we had the opening range high at 1308.50....did anyone see anything based on MD to exit..? Just curious if you could show that
Bruce, I closed my M-Delta, but I noticed that NQ came back to the origin of its strong move, which started at 10:26 and could not get lower. That would be a good reason for me to get out of a trade.
I mark origins of strong moves, as I believe there may be residual orders.
Otherwise, I let go fo my short at 1211 after price crossed this number for 14th
Have a good weekend everyone
thanks...I'll start here...I guess for me I'm looking specifically at what will happen after we get those volume spikes....

We can see we had 1312.50 spike at 10:54..the big volume surge made by buyers....then we went up higher into the key 14 number with diverging $ticks and diverging volume...certainly enough to warrant the fade but what about delta ?

I was plotting Volume on the bid and ask as a histogram after I had time and it was diverging with price that is 3 good divergences and the bid/ask histogram goes well with what Kool was showing too....

So i think there may be some value in MD for me....I just need to find out what that is......

one example of where MD is helpful is when we had that down volume bar at 9:40 this morning...that down volume bar was made by Up the ask....but I ramble....hope all enjoy the weekend and I'm not planning on this being a MD thread for me..I'll start a new one...{quote]Originally posted by Lisa P

BruceM (and everyone else interested in M-Delta), here is a link to the Market Delta site video library.
Have a good weekend
Thanks for all the posters here and for going to the trouble of annotating and posting charts. I have learned some things I have never looked at.

I will begin posting some charts in the future as well. I have some extensive travel over the next few months, but I'll try and contribute some decent info when I can.

Have a great weekend everyone!