ES 5-18-2011

O/N Volume Profile.

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Obviously not with it today
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2011 05 181359
added at 40...terrible time of day for me...tough day overall..
BruceM, NQ is at resistance now - hang on
36.50 - 36.75 is magnet price and also my initiation point...needs to be a target...hitting into a CUMm. delta zone now....If I didn't have those damn early 36.50 then I would be tryingto work this harder up here
trying Lisa but afternoon is not a time for me to be adding in .....thanks for the support...I mean resistance...LOL...
Nice resistance near R2 (1340.50).
i am with you bruce...short from 38.5 (right before the minutes) and added at 40....looking for 37 to exit, i see a gap in data there if i am not mistaken...
i take that eyes were playing tricks on me
NQ 30 min

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2011 05 181420
second set of single prints sits down at 35 even..hoping that and the volume at 36.50 help act as a magnet.....that is second set of singles and although not perfect the second set fills in a huge percent of th etime
Originally posted by BruceM

it seems to me that the real key to all this footprint stuff is figuring out when heavy ask volume is REALLY buying and when heavy bid volume is REALLY selling.....

It seems to lack a filter to really help us figure that crucial question out..

I see heavy Bid volume at 34.75 but it is not selling off...but by the time you figure that out the market is 1.75 - 2 points higher...

Bruce, it is a bitch! Tha is what trading long at resistance is like.
But I am not going to write another long answer. Skype