ES 6-3-2011

Putting this guy up before the big news out at 8:30. As Bruce pointed out yesterday 1313 zone is an important inflection point.

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took one more off at 1304.50 and tightening up last...that was a gift and I'm taking that gift
that's me done at 03.50....flat and enjoying it now...some will be pushing for the new midrange at 02.25.....I'm glad to be out
and btw, i'd rather you keep posting the way you usually do and me (or others) ask questions if sthg needs clarification; after all, nobody here is trading based on someone else's posts (or i hope not at least)

Originally posted by NickP

nothing to be sorry abt ! i knew i was missing sthg so i thought i'd ask

thank you very much for all your posts..they are very instructive indeed

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great point Nick....I said I don't like them but I still take them in context,,,,,I should have rementioned that the 1309 is also the low of MAY so it wasn't just a peak volume price....there is just so much I can type but we also had the YM leading price higher so I am looking at other things to actually put the trade on..

what is 1.5 times the IB ? So we had lots of confluence... I had more than just the peak volume from the O/N session...I apologize and perhaps I shouldn't give the reason unless I can go into all the reasons and a complete explaination...sorry if i confused you

I try to post some of the key ideas throughout the trades I take but I just can't get it all posted and trade effectively....Hope that clears that up...sorry

That would be scary if somebody was trying to piggy back trades from a forum that is structured like this. They'd be very late to the party most days. I like to assume most come here to share ideas or reinforce their own methods.

Nice to see all the new "faces" mixed in with us who have been around a bit on the forum. Very refreshing and great ideas being posted.

hope all enjoy the weekend
Interesting close.
Last trade of the day for me was shorting at 1308 at 1050 EST. Not knowing what to expect and not even sure why we were even that high again to begin with I elected to exit quickly at 1306.50. I still had thoughts that we could go lower but dismissed those so I could go to bed.

Woke up this AM to see we closed at 1295.75!

Perhaps it is better this way. Two profitable 12 point plus trades in one day is still a pipe dream for me. One such trade a few much smaller trades is what I will settle for for now.