ES 6-3-2011

Putting this guy up before the big news out at 8:30. As Bruce pointed out yesterday 1313 zone is an important inflection point.

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Measuring from S1 to S2, the 78.6 was at 1299.50 (the low of that last pullback). Took it long back to yesterday's Low (1304.25).

I see these two fib numbers hit so often between the pivot levels that I feel I can't stop watching them.
Monthly S1 at 1306.25, right there...
even though that air filled in without me it was still a beautiful I love "air"

this gonna be a battle I will sit out...the hour high and YD rth low after an air fill ...tricky spot..

how many single prints will form today ? we have one so far...they are trying hard to make the second one..

I think a better short spot would be up near 1309 if it is above the 90 minute highs...
i am looking for a 1309.5 short
short 05.50...trying for air fill but this may chop in here...01.50 is final target if lucky...this may just be the bracket trend test and then buyers will come in
need Ym to get into it's single prints otherwise this fade will not make full target
trying to pull last off at 01.50 ...that is 50% back and real close to air fill in..
POC is building at 03.50...gonna be an interesting spot....
watching the 03.50 for further clues to direction up here...we have 4 - 30 minute bars that have traded through that price so far and it is closest to the center....just in case some don't have MP charts running

interesting how YM filled it's singles but not the ES...not YET that is !! thinking positive
Got your print..wtg!
Last trade of the day for me was shorting at 1308 at 1050 EST. Not knowing what to expect and not even sure why we were even that high again to begin with I elected to exit quickly at 1306.50. I still had thoughts that we could go lower but dismissed those so I could go to bed.

Woke up this AM to see we closed at 1295.75!

Perhaps it is better this way. Two profitable 12 point plus trades in one day is still a pipe dream for me. One such trade a few much smaller trades is what I will settle for for now.