ES TURBO Analysis for 6-22-11

Just wanted to share my simple and basic analysis for ES trading coming off the heels of the first day of Summer (vice versa for Australia etc.) The following charts consist of two 30m with a purist, common sense approach which leaves no question as to where the market will trade throughout the trading session for Wednesday.

Here's the initial "look"

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es turbo 30m for 62211

The chart speaks for itself ... 1306 is DEFINITELY the upside target ... with the downside offering plenty of opportunity!
And to fold in a couple of basic trendlines for the "bigger picture" ... I'm including another multi-day 30min chart. Ya can't find this kinda quality of prediction - even when ya pay for it.

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es turbo trendlines for 62211
Now let's look at where we are right now. This motor scooter is packed with potential. Notice how the RTH Daily bar is really, really greenish. And, for now, during the overnight, the unfolding price action has a Magenta or ... or actually a really, really RED tint to it fwiw. Hope this helps. Take advantage of my analysis while it's free!

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es turbo daily for 62211

Good Trading to Most (not all)!

Where the F*&# is Bruceifer and the Lorn-enator?!?

wow...I think you got a hold of my kids etch - a- sketch.....for tomorrow I'm using my magic 8 ball !!
Okay, secret's out ... got a price line on close with a "volume car" indicator beneath. $10 bucks to get a hold of one of these, programmed with proprietary market analysis parameters. It's a turn-key solution. The 8 ball is not as robust ... big draw downs.

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turbo es etch a sketch

looking for shorts at 86.25 , 89 and 92 this morning.....and the only long trade I will try is down near single prints and On low at 82 area ..if it drops there first

I expect to see an upside push that hopefully runs out of steam early on at one of those key areas mentioned...hopefully the pitbull numbers will light the way...many will be frustrated by the lack of back and forth trade yesterday so will try harder today
what is volume poc for yesterday? I have not so great TS activity bar (akin to Vprofile), and Vpoc looks like 1289.00

do you think this has to be tested?

other note... today is one of those new FOMC days, rate decision at 12:30, news conference at 2:00pm (I think)
yes Paul...88.75 - 89 is Volume poc....starting sells there 2.5 just hit too...will add higher.....good odds we come back to open print..
added at the plus 4...87.75 is air fill - pocket
I think your expectation for back and forth is going to find me in my woodshop looking for a new project today.

not looking or expecting a repeat of yesterday when they blew out the O/N high and kept going...they just took out the O/N high!!
Wow... Bangerrang!