ES Tue 8-2-11

Market profile single print left at 1291.25 during the Monday trading session. Market currently trading under it.

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ES single print on 1 Aug 2011
Testing O/N LVA
"do or die"
as lisa said do or die bounse up tp 72.00 and failed slowly walking away from vwap
Paul - what Lisa said about POC is accurate. It's where there was "agreement" during the previous trading session and most business was done.
There's an unconfirmed single print at 1272.75. If the market does NOT trade back up to this price by 11:30am ET then it will become confirmed. The green line at 1272.50 is the VAL. Because we opened inside the VA we would have expected the VAL to provide support. It hasn't so those 2 prices so close together will become a natural ceiling after 11:30am.

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unconfirmed single print in ES on 1 August 2011
Below is INDU 30 min chart. I expect 12,000 to be defended.

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2011 08 021127
DT, what does "unconfirmed" single print means, please?
not good for bulls if we build volume below yesterday's low; if that is the case the o/n low won't last too long. I have 64 and 58-59 as potential support areas below that. Tomorrow's adp and friday's payroll data will be key.

italy's market is for sale with shares halted and rumors of suspended bond auctions...
Things must be serious in Eurozone. Spanish PM delayed his
Originally posted by Lisa P

DT, what does "unconfirmed" single print means, please?

When a new bracket (30 minute bar) starts and it leaves a potential single print behind (above or below it) then one of two things can happen: (1) It trades back to the single print that it left behind and fills it in so this is no longer a single print or (2) it does not trade back to the single print price in which case the single print is confirmed. However, we won't know if the potential single print is going to be a "fact" until after that half hour bracket has closed. Until that point it's an unconfirmed single print. In this case the market did not trade back to that price so the single print was indeed confirmed. The indicator that I use automatically changes to color of the line from yellow to white after the single print has been confirmed.

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confirmed single print on 2 Aug 2011
Originally posted by apk781

fyi, the deal passing was almost a certainty, that is why you saw no reaction. Same thing with the voting in the house yesterday

the reaction to the debt deal agreement was on the open on sunday but it was overshawdowed by the poor economic data yesterday and today, along with sovereign woes in europe.

Ark, of course you are right. Trouble is we never know what news are important. I thought that trouble in EuroZone would roll the money into US market, but I was wrong.

BTW, the NQ gap is now closed. Anal MFs (pardon).