ES Monday 9-19-11

Here's my ES 30min Monkey Map of PASR levels as Red with White dashed lines as Wkly Pivots ... and Volume Profile of the past 20 days on the right vertical axis. The Gray background areas show overnight (non RTH) areas. Have a Fib cluster in and around 1183 as well (though not drawn in). Hope this is helpful.

Click image for original size
es 30m sr for 91911
There were three opportunities ( pullbacks ) to get Long after the EMA Upcross
1193.50 key level
would be looking to short hod
if 93.50 gives
Once the market goes in a Vertical mode is very hard to catch a pullbacks ( none )
Last target was a +4 pt Home Run..
Agree, you just have to pull the trigger when you see a good R/R and enter with some size to scale
Al, you're catching every twist and turn in this market, impressive..
Russell is almost A up and ES is back in IB
Had my share of failures , tradezilla.This method seems to be good for min 70% wins
The 1189.50 Open is a low risk Long on a pullback
Y, 88.50 is a minor balance area as well
Id go broke trying to read todays posts and trade. In the morning I look for Bruces levels and see how they mesh with mine. Reading any more here will probably cause a brain fart {for me anyway}. A 1.5 stop in 35 pts ranges which we have been having is suicidal in my opinion. You can get an execution and stop at the same time. Best wishes and good trading RB