ES Monday 9-19-11

Here's my ES 30min Monkey Map of PASR levels as Red with White dashed lines as Wkly Pivots ... and Volume Profile of the past 20 days on the right vertical axis. The Gray background areas show overnight (non RTH) areas. Have a Fib cluster in and around 1183 as well (though not drawn in). Hope this is helpful.

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es 30m sr for 91911
and the body of a doji, it was also the globex low @6.75
Another pullback to the EMA works again : + 1.50 pts
@1:15 after lunch, the market may continue the morning move to the upside.. the 1:15 time frame often has an upward bias especially if the morning was up..
Notice how it bounce at the Third Hour Open not at 1187
Why are the open price every hour outside the morning significant?
Haven't kept up and will look back later to vote up posts.
Very nice from what I've read.
Was looking for 1198-99 but 1193.50 key level, imo. Negative below,positive if breaks and HOLDS only. 1191 R area
88.75 the 50% for me (1196-1181.50)
90.50 the 62%
87 the 38%
85 area the 23%
AAPL marginal new high. Gets peeps excited at the wrong time if previous high broken below.
AMZN between Friday new high and previous high today.
Banks in the vacuum so far.
Pattern trade is short the spike high and assumes 1193.50 will not hold, even if broken later today.
Nothing says that can't be the spike high even though perfection tends to make me suspicious.
DJI 11270 and 11150 levels below.
11310 and 11400 above
If we stay above 87 by 1:15, my bias is up.. however, since the overall trend is down, its likely not to travel past 96-97
Just another theory ,, price tends to pivot at those levels, ask Larry Levin ( comes oout in cnbc once a month just to give himself credit ! )
Back to the I B Close as expected..
Y, what else do we have besides theory and stop losses, and some scale out methods..ha All we can do is to put ourselves in a position to get "lucky" However, with your record today, you've honed it down to almost a science..ha
Id go broke trying to read todays posts and trade. In the morning I look for Bruces levels and see how they mesh with mine. Reading any more here will probably cause a brain fart {for me anyway}. A 1.5 stop in 35 pts ranges which we have been having is suicidal in my opinion. You can get an execution and stop at the same time. Best wishes and good trading RB