ES Monday 9-19-11

Here's my ES 30min Monkey Map of PASR levels as Red with White dashed lines as Wkly Pivots ... and Volume Profile of the past 20 days on the right vertical axis. The Gray background areas show overnight (non RTH) areas. Have a Fib cluster in and around 1183 as well (though not drawn in). Hope this is helpful.

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es 30m sr for 91911
1184 hold up well, now testing 1189 area . Now will need to move above 1192. (Careful with zig-zags at 93 resistance) for 1197 and 1201 objectives. Failure to stay above 1192 will target 1186 again and possibly retest of today's lows.

ES trading now 1191.00 @ 14:14 E.T.
Sorry, ES is now trading at 1191.75 @ 14:22 E.T.
Al, can you define open? 9:30 or hr by hr?
Also, the MP IB is the 1st hr..81.50 was the low
ES hit 93.50. Small Zig-zags here with 91 as support. 1196 is the objective if 91 holds. Possibly 1201 by the end of the session.
ES now trading 1193.00 @ 14:50 E.T.
The DX looks VERY weak.. If it can hold below 77.50 for 15min, that is a C down day which is very bearish.. If it happens, the ES can move significantly higher but thus far, it has not happened yet.. If the ES holds above 95 for 10 min, I'm looking for long entries..
Originally posted by Al

Remember : Open to Open that is their game..

There it is from 1189.50 to 1194.75. Open to Open
what do you mean by open to open??
I'm not following your method.. Is the open from hr to hr? Who's game?
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BTW - I trade a combination method where I look at the MP levels and the Mark Fisher levels along with S/R zones.. I generally look for confluence.. I also have a time factor to confirm market bias.. It is not a scalp method but the levels are often reliable.. Yours is a method I have not heard, and I'm am curious to learn more about it as I'm currently also experimenting with a scalp method on the Russell that has been VERY successful for another trader.. I'd like to learn more about yours and perhaps we can share some ideas towards the method

Id go broke trying to read todays posts and trade. In the morning I look for Bruces levels and see how they mesh with mine. Reading any more here will probably cause a brain fart {for me anyway}. A 1.5 stop in 35 pts ranges which we have been having is suicidal in my opinion. You can get an execution and stop at the same time. Best wishes and good trading RB