ES Friday 10-7-11

Here is the low volume I have marked off from Thursdays trade. The main bell curve will be that 45 - 55 area. There are a few other minor ones ....we still have low volume in the 60 - 63 area. Lets see what the overnight and the 8:30 reports bring.

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apk u r correct but I am also looking what happened on the following that added a bit of volume to the I used the 68.75...a subtle and a bit tricky thing...another reason high volume is not my favorite

but thanks for pointing that out as it shows u r reading the stuff
It's important for the ES to close over 1163.00 in a daily basis. if so, next objective is 1190.00. 1190.00 is 09/27 high.
1163 was the S/R objective for yesterday. Now becomes the S/R base to play the out side. Below 1163.00 is 1157.00 also important
to keep in mind.
My plan for the day session is to start looking for shorts if we trade above 71.50 as that is low volume area ( secondary low volume) in overnight and near that 72.50 - 75 area..

agressive buys would be into the 60 - 63 zone but the buys are better as close to 1160 as possible !!....I am a bit leary of that zone and buying in general today due to the last 3 days of rallies but will try to keep the focus on the signals

after three days of a rally we may get the profit taking day today...
so far an open and drive down type of longs need to be much more selective
60.75 is still LV area
Yesterday, Lisa and Capitalista had a congruent number at 1156.00. Today 1157 is an S/R. So 1156/57 are important. S/Rs to play from, in conjunction with your system's buy and sell signals.

I see for you the same I see for my self: Having a fun, awesome profitable trading day!!
looks like it realy want 55.00 54.00
55.00 wwas HV over night
trying for is that low volume Della..
flat 62.75...I mentioned these things this past week...

be right back