ES Friday 10-7-11

Here is the low volume I have marked off from Thursdays trade. The main bell curve will be that 45 - 55 area. There are a few other minor ones ....we still have low volume in the 60 - 63 area. Lets see what the overnight and the 8:30 reports bring.

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My levels for Friday are:

I'm going to try to do my best to hold the trades from level to level
please, believe me, I am certainly not telling wehat to do, but I do have a suggestion.

I think it would be clearer/easier to utilize your chart of volume at price if you moved the price scale from the left axis to the right. Then it would be easier to see ES price swing levels versus the volume profile.

Just a suggestion,

In IB I did it by going to
Chart Parameters

upper right hand corner, click on Global Configuration,

and then in the LAYOUT section (2nd down from top)

first choice is "Price axis on," I chose Right from the dropdown menu.

it puts the prices right in between the hard right edge of the chart and the volume profile.
My levels for today.

1156 VAH+ Single print+ Low volume area

1149 POC+ Pivot Point

1140.25 Single print

1129 RTH Low

Leaning towards a down day IMO, decreasing volume since Tuesday and O/N volume is down today.

Good luck to all.
I have a low volume zone at 72.50 - 75....and will use it in Overnight now...for shorts!!! and soon !!!
fyi ... 1171-74 have PASR Resistance, a Weekly Pivot, low volume on 20day VP and 50day SMA on continuous contract.
1174.00 is the 4.263 projection off the O/N low.
if u are in this we need to watch that 68.75 as it was an old high volume spot that we ran right over....will it become support..? who really knows and that is why I hate the high volume nodes...

In the day session above the 72.50 - 75 the only spot I like the short is 79 - 80..
bruce, i had 66-67 as the hv node from the last time we were up here and i believe the chart you posted at the beginning of the 9/29 thread agrees with that...granted they are very close but how do you have 68.75 as the peak volume ? thanks
Originally posted by BruceM

I have a low volume zone at 72.50 - 75....and will use it in Overnight now...for shorts!!! and soon !!!

Nice Bruce!