ES Friday 10-7-11

Here is the low volume I have marked off from Thursdays trade. The main bell curve will be that 45 - 55 area. There are a few other minor ones ....we still have low volume in the 60 - 63 area. Lets see what the overnight and the 8:30 reports bring.

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filled 54.50...exited at 56...too quick to post and trade this ..and not much air....will try to hold for 60 retest..but feel that this lower probe may not be over
I was at 54.50 and didnt get hit and it traded there PISSED
YM, INDU has not closed its gap, so may close
Nice Della. That's the same area Lisa and Capitalista where looking at yesterday.
If 1156.00 does not hold.
Next support is at 1150.00 S/R and daily support trend line at 1151.00. I think is going to test that daily support trend line at 1151.00. Will look to reverse there.

ES now trading 1155.75 @ 11:17
peak volume today is 61.75 but will look to get out above 59 probe now...damn...runners just stopped.....will try once more and then wrap it for today...and will go small
paper trading now 90 mins up
trying again from 53.25 want to be nimble in case they do an atomic flush down into YD peak volume
INDU gap closed

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2011 10 071114
Sorry, here is the right chart

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2011 10 071121
targeting 56 then will try to hold for that 59 probe