ES Friday 10-7-11

Here is the low volume I have marked off from Thursdays trade. The main bell curve will be that 45 - 55 area. There are a few other minor ones ....we still have low volume in the 60 - 63 area. Lets see what the overnight and the 8:30 reports bring.

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Lisa are you around
yes, just quiet. got chopped a bit
We "know" that the market will try to go towards the closest low volume area when the day session opens.....this happens a very high percent of the time...

so when we opened at 65.75 in the day session today then the nearest volume was either going to be the 63 - 60 zone or the 72.50 - 75 agressive traders will position for that test...I didn't trade for that but offer it out as a trick you should be aware of.

Ideal short will be the hour breakout sell up into the 71 and higher but for some reason I have a feeling that they may want to keep trade stuck below that peak volume area apk and I mentioned....and so we just wait to see what happens

Paul..I saw your advice and I will adjust my chart...thanks for the idea
NQ has been lagging all morning. Unable to break above its RTH high from yesterday. Watch this for any ES upside confirmation.
Yes bruce you did that yesterday it was trading at 19.00 down to the magnet price of 12.50 area
correct...Wednesdays trade......keep it in your tool box

I'm waiting to try buys at the 54 - 55 or sells up above 71.....whichever one comes outside of the hour/90 minute will be my last trade of the's friday and we need to reward ourselves for following the rules this week
56.25 56.5056..75 I see LV there
wrote it in the book
ideal will be to see an air pocket into that key zone below to set up the long
there we go...air ...on 54.25...