How I truly understand the markets and apply my theory to this game

To be the best trader you have to put more time into it than anyone else. That is what I realize but of course we check with one other trader before we make my statements valid. This is W.D Gann the Legend in the trade who basically made technical charts have meaning.

What I learn never fails to be true and that unless you have a strong aim you're not going to be successful. To discover new found techniques or innovation requires the efforts of knowledge in mastery. Trading is just not about profits, for they would not last had you made some. An all around knowledge base must be available at your disposable to make quick decisions.

How to train? I realize training is mental effort and concentration, and its not what everybody sees all the time. In the charts all future movements is already known, but none really realizes this matter. This is the truth as I have found it to be after real hardcore research.
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Very simple if the Indexes don't close with an uptrend continue holding positions. This is why vibration analysis is very helpful, because we can know to keep holding on or sell. In the newsletter it states the same thing disregard if the market doesn't close in an uptrend.
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Very simple if the Indexes don't close with an uptrend continue holding positions. This is why vibration analysis is very helpful, because we can know to keep holding on or sell. In the newsletter it states the same thing disregard if the market doesn't close in an uptrend.

What's the criteria for determining a close with an uptrend? The S&P cash closed down 6 points. Does that mean we should have stayed long? Does it mean your forecast of 5/10/13 being a big down day is no on the table?

You stated issue number 7 was available. How can I access it?
Yeah, its that simple it means I use the 9th as a perfect date and its suppose to be the final high.
Still the pullback is 5/8/2013 as my rules this is my procedure for tight trading and awareness of time.

Rule 1. Insure my the forecast for final top and bottom close uptrend or downtrend confirming direction. Why? Because we're using a perfect date meaning it an exact day... this is because I broke into an exact science or discovery.

Rule 2. When forecast did not close or confirm direction remaining in time, than that means the 8th of May should be check for vibrations analysis. I did this during the day and found out yesterday had the correct vibrations. The NYSE and Indexes are found, but on the 9th I follow patterns that seem right but correct vibrations didn't confirm. We should have known this, but with experience one will be making profits quickly.

Rule 3. If you check the 8th vibrations but didn't find anything than resume positions don't sell for the 8th and 9th meant nothing. In this case the 8th turned out to be loaded with the correct vibrations I would sell today or tomorrow morning quickly.

Issue No. 7 will not be important anymore I will posted it on website, but now Issue 8 will come out recommending to sell. Because I always follow the 2 rules above I keep myself secure in position of knowing by confirming potential mistakes. Now I know the 8th looks better, and got caught by a pattern trick on the 9th. Yes the 10th of May and it will continue on to next week declining so I would sell tomorrow.
Ok, I am unsure 100% if the 9th have vibrations that could make a bounce from yesterday. That meaning positive vibrations, because I have looked at it as negative at first. Looking at the future markets right now it reverse already, so the 9th may be positive vibrations. What we want to do is see if today prices break the highs on the 8th of May. If so than we will hold on to our positions into next week.

If it doesn't break the highs on the 8th of May and decline again two days in row we should sell. Otherwise continue holding positions, because thats the best thing to do after confirming. Knowing a change of trend some times is easier than knowing top/bottom. Sometimes other way around and we see clearly if its top/bottom.
5/13/2013 Daily Forecast - Correct Advance!
Indexes - Since we're using an exact date method it also indicates that after Monday the markets should continue advancing. The market will close with gains tomorrow, so we should look to see where we can buy a dip the market.

Intraday Trade - The Master Seal Unlock Method
This will be the main trade tomorrow look at when the price on the indexes dip below the last closed price and buy long. We're looking to see the S&P 500 close with a positive gain by closing of the market on 5/14/2013. The option is to be long end of day today, or buy on the dip below the last closing price if it hits. Best bet is be long end day today trading options expire end day tomorrow.

Tuesday 14th of May, 2013
Yesterday The Master Seal Unlock Method for the daily trade was correct here. If one put in a order to BUY this morning it rose nearly 1%, so even in the intraday trading can make us a lot profits. The rating for yesterday trade would be at a 7 out of 10, but it simply means most of vibration analysis check points are down.

If we follow this method yesterday and bought end day with a capital account of 59K we would have a profit of (59,000 * 0.80%) = $472.00.

Intraday Trade - The Master Seal Unlock Method
We're not confident about the out come tomorrow, so we're not going to advise clients to make a trade tomorrow. Our rating for tomorrow is rated at a 3.5 of 10, so with this in mind we wouldn't even make the trade. The trade is to also BUY end of day today expecting tomorrow to close in gains. The NYSE did interact with S&P 500 Index which means it could trigger and activate more vibrations or energy here.
7/19/2013 - Resistance
8/16/2013 - ? Support
9/19/2013 - Support!

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" To prove something out will require more time, patience, and experience always than is thought before... always." PhuQuangLe43
Now its time to get back to the daily bread and forecasting of stocks and commodities. I will use both a trend analysis and vibratory law as forecasting from time to time. Once again following my calls is FREE, and you can chose to trade if it suit your analysis. Personally I think 95% of traders suck, and that is why they lose all the time. This is the reason I decided to help all traders make money by following my calls. Remember I have no way of alerting traders at exactly the same time I make a trade, so follow the trend make sure the price is what you like as well. Thanks

S&P 500, SPY, SPX, Commodities, Currencies
Buy USD/JPY at 99.3, 1 Lot per 10k
Buy XAU/USD at 1313.5, 1 Lot per 10k

Ok, overall the U.S Dollar should make leaps when QE3 is reduced to maybe 70 - 75 billions. The metals market should start to sell off against the dollar as printing will no longer devalue the currency.

S&P 500 Index
I am currently 100% in the market, but we also have to manage this Wednesday uncertainties. Of course the probability is the Fed will announce a moderate cut to 70 billions at the most. Now if surprise happens for a further reduced cut it could hurt the S&P 500 in this spot. To manage this we should only keep 50% of allocated capital when this time comes in the market.

Remember cut short your loss and hold on to all winners! There is no way for me to determine if you're going to sell decide for yourself. These are important trends right now in the market. Good luck
added at 97.25 ..revised target is 99.25
this is obviously high risk and if we kept dropping then the overnight midpoint would this is very small for me and I will exit all at target and no runners
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Keep track of all the strategies you use in a journal and incorporate them into a trading plan. When conditions turn unfavorable for a certain strategy, you can avoid it. When conditions favor a strategy, you can capitalize on it in the market.