How I truly understand the markets and apply my theory to this game

To be the best trader you have to put more time into it than anyone else. That is what I realize but of course we check with one other trader before we make my statements valid. This is W.D Gann the Legend in the trade who basically made technical charts have meaning.

What I learn never fails to be true and that unless you have a strong aim you're not going to be successful. To discover new found techniques or innovation requires the efforts of knowledge in mastery. Trading is just not about profits, for they would not last had you made some. An all around knowledge base must be available at your disposable to make quick decisions.

How to train? I realize training is mental effort and concentration, and its not what everybody sees all the time. In the charts all future movements is already known, but none really realizes this matter. This is the truth as I have found it to be after real hardcore research.
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We recommended to sell GG - Gold Corp at 31.40 now it is trading at 27.69 a -11.8% drop!

You've made some impressive calls, lately. Very Impressive.

But I couldn't find where you recommended selling GG at 31.40. Could you direct me to the post where this is discussed?
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Originally posted by CalvinLe55

We recommended to sell GG - Gold Corp at 31.40 now it is trading at 27.69 a -11.8% drop!

You've made some impressive calls, lately. Very Impressive.

But I couldn't find where you recommended selling GG at 31.40. Could you direct me to the post where this is discussed?

No that was a subscriber service... but here I will give Mypivots the Daily Bulletin for free today

Tuesday 16th of April, 2013

Stock Shorting - The pullback will not just come down -2.3%, but will continue to extend this week into the next. Find stocks at their 52 weeks high and short them from 4/11/2013. Stocks can give back some reload and go back higher after this phase. Of course being down -2.3% will be a strong cause for buyers on the dip. There won't be too many buyers after more bad negative news to come out regardless the decline. This could be a poor earnings from a big name like GOOGLE, or some other economic indicator here.

A report from the National Association of Home Builders showing that its housing market index fell. The rating dropped from 44 to 42, while economists had expected an increase to 45. The housing sector has been one of the more bullish areas of the economy of late so any pullback is likely to leave investors thinking twice about the overall recovery. A New York State manufacturing index also showed weaker results than expected for April.

Once everything is price in right reality will kick in, and traders will wait for a level market. In the 55 Newsletter I stated to clients I was out 100% on 4/12, but I bought the dip knowing the short bounce. For two weeks I do not believe markets will advance, so we will updates clients when we will buy for good. April 26th will still be the buy signal to come...

Commodities - Gold will get crush and come down to $1,200 one day, and this could come easy as stocks decline. Once stocks go on a vacation traders will be busy selling the bullion. Although in the short term Gold may have a little bounce because of the pressure selling. Just as stocks may have a bounce from the decline of -2.3%, than we will see if there is any breathing room. All of this is very likely to be short term as the pullback will continue base on current economics.

Crude Oil can only go down further at this point as there won't be any growth demands of Oil. It will slow down until the market recovers, than normal pricing will come back into it. Weekly put options on both GOLD and OIL today expire time 4/19 is not pushing it. The word now is SHORT all things supply and demand wise, and do it early before price corrections.

Currencies - Since the slowed down in China and the U.S is confirmed this month the EUR/USA will have trouble. The two big economies have to be doing well for Europe to get over this crisis without problems. If your already in a slowed down you can't have stronger economies slowing down otherwise how can the world go around. If Europe is already doing bad it can't have Germany doing bad, or its currency won't do too well.

We're out 4/12 100%, and return to buy the dip after 4/15 end of market for a quick bounce...
Posting the account same as usual, and I will post up some puts/calls as well...

Investment Balance
S&P 500 INDEX $57,214.02
News Update 2:00 P.M: We bought the dip and we're also out 100% as of today, because earnings did not impress as a pullback is weighting. Sentiment is that the public is looking to see that the market unload 2% - 3% of gains from the prior month. Germany and China are listed to be downgraded if slow growth prevails, and earnings have only been modest thus far. Apple is the chip leader and it is falling, so it can't help support the market fragile legs. Just as the U.S.A is the leading nation, and other nations can't have our engine slowing. Just as the Star Sirius is the leader the Sun and the whole cosmos depends on the leader.

The important thing today is not fundamentals though, but we should look at technical analysis here. Only a chart can tell us after today the psychology of the markets here. Yes our account went to 58K, and it could drop to 55k if we don't decide to sell somewhere. We should beat the S&P 500 this month, and move on to the next lower high.
The S&P 500 have broken last weeks low, so it marks an exit in accordance with the weekly cycles. Pullback could be 4% - 7% this month so please look to a lower high in 55 Newsletter Issue No. 6. As of the moment of the 26th is indicated of a change in trend.

Base on April's earnings an article statement from the Wall Street Journal “In this environment you don’t want to miss, you want to beat and guide higher,” said Phil Orlando, equity strategist at Federated Investors, citing Intel Corp. and Bank of America’s quarterly earnings reports. This is fundamental news nothing that says we can't get surprises with any data. We're however looking at the numbers in bold print, and more sellers will come in than buyers this time around.

Since we're in a slow down it may not have many upside surprises, and more let downs of which will erode confidence. All this will make of sure declines, and a pullback will be ensure as the weeks continue. This month is going to be a down month, and with the 55 Newsletter clients should beat the S&P 500. Please read Inner Circle Bulletin and the 55 Newsletter very carefully. 55 always... Have awareness in the trade '
Monday 29th of April, 2013 - Free Daily Bulletin

Indexes - S&P 500 & Dow Jones 30 will go higher now that I see the 26th is not yet a perfect date. Its almost there though as 1600 should be a good marker to appease the sell in May and go away tradition. The market seem to have a memory pointing to a normal slow down that is not a surprise, and traders will unload on the first negative news. I will move from the Squares and Triangles to look further out on cycles. Still most cycle analysis all around says this May should decline, and we can buy end of month puts. If markets were up 4 months in a row I would short the market on the 5th month anyways.

Stocks - I like to short all the stocks that are remaining left, and have no confidence for the rest of earnings. AMZN would of have been the momentum advancement in the market, but it pulled back so now we're out of a flame. In general stocks will go higher for just a while within a trading range of 1% - 2%. CISCO technology stock should very much follow its sector, and its also another name we should short. IBM and AMZN have fallen as we forecast its demise before their earnings, and this slow down is giving its pullback in price. Since stocks are getting tired we will allow the market to take a rest that it needs. If stocks go higher perhaps caution is around the corner, and the 1600 price of S&P 500 is a warning.

Commodities - Crude Oil has hit our old target price forecasts of $91 - $92, and has risen even higher to $93 still. We mention that it could go strong for another week still.
Any update would be helpful ... ES @ 1614.25 ..

Very good cycle analysis says mid week next week with 1611 - 1614...
May 9th is the top but check back to our website and read issue no. 7 for free view. We have changes in trend ready for a correction that some no longer think is happening this month. It is going to hit and we should look at what happens on May 10th when the market declines sharply.
I went to your site, but couldn't figure out how to access No. 7. How do I access it?
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I went to your site, but couldn't figure out how to access No. 7. How do I access it?


Same here
Keep track of all the strategies you use in a journal and incorporate them into a trading plan. When conditions turn unfavorable for a certain strategy, you can avoid it. When conditions favor a strategy, you can capitalize on it in the market.