How I truly understand the markets and apply my theory to this game

To be the best trader you have to put more time into it than anyone else. That is what I realize but of course we check with one other trader before we make my statements valid. This is W.D Gann the Legend in the trade who basically made technical charts have meaning.

What I learn never fails to be true and that unless you have a strong aim you're not going to be successful. To discover new found techniques or innovation requires the efforts of knowledge in mastery. Trading is just not about profits, for they would not last had you made some. An all around knowledge base must be available at your disposable to make quick decisions.

How to train? I realize training is mental effort and concentration, and its not what everybody sees all the time. In the charts all future movements is already known, but none really realizes this matter. This is the truth as I have found it to be after real hardcore research.
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*Market Review - Looks to be that markets in Asia are declining 1% - 2% right now. Gold stocks like GLD, GOLD, NEM, etc... are advancing end of month like I expected. Randgold Resources Limited (GOLD) -NasdaqGS 86.33 1.76(2.08%) Mar 27, 4:00PM EDT, Newmont Mining Corp. (NEM) -NYSE 41.74 0.66(1.61%), Goldcorp Inc. (GG) -NYSE 33.72 0.82(2.49%) Mar 27, 4:02PM EDT|.

Those of you who took the short trade from the 55 Newsletter proud to say you have courage. I guess the signs is confidence in the banking system is bad enough for the FEAR gauge to stick. Market declines are setting in, and we have to see how the market reacts again to Cyprus. I will be back later in the day before the opening bell NY TIME to update ;) BRB

In the last bulletin I made a comment at the last half hour, because the action in the market indicates to me something else.
News Update 2:30 P.M: Remember it would be more important to see all the indexes makes high in U.S. If we're shorting it could indicate a peak short term high of which may very well be this point. Have awareness in the trade...
, yes it was this phase as from my experience all the indexes would have to be in an uptrend. Another thing is I know the vibrations would have to pin the DOW JONES 30, but it closed down already so this is a sign its not going to top here.

I didn't make the trade myself here, because it did not confirmed to me. With vibration analysis there is a way to confirm your move, and that is why I am still in the market action. I will have to teach how to do this on a youtube video one day, but it can't be easily done written in emails/forum. At second I thought it would of have been right because I see the Asian markets drop quickly. Less I know in Europe they open higher this morning, so now I know my analysis is right by confirmation.

Before we decide to take the trade at the last hour just confirm that we need to be in an uptrend. 2. The vibrations include the Dow Jones 30, so we need to make sure it closes higher end of day. As you can see I know what has to be involved, and because of that I can not get hurt. Have awareness in the trade 55 always...
Couldn't help myself ... and just having some fun here going into the weekend. But here are some GOOD VIBRATIONS!

Full Disclosure: I'm not a big Beach Boys fan - prefer Metallica, AC/DC, Chris Cornell, Journey, Tiny Tim and Pig Vomit (yes, Pig Vomit is a group) and the tunes from the Kids of Widney High (ya gotta check them out). Oh yeah, and the guitar rendition of Moonlight Sonata by Michael Lucarelli on Youtube - takes my breath away.

Happy Good Friday Gann Vibrations to all!
Friday 9:21 A.M intraday cash index pivot... Free Trade provide by the master seal unlock
Currencies - Japan's new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to revive a stagnant economy will push share markets up. USD/JPY will follow long term cycle as more will go back into buying stocks bolstering prices. It seems the U.S Dollar and Yuan will be the strong currencies in 2013 - 2014 period. Keep buying the U.S Dollar more month after month, and December calls are fine too. Every time I have sold EUR/USD I have made money regardless the time frame. Overall picture is long term keep buying more month after month.

The effect of the first sentence means that their citizens will back out of the YEN to buy into the Nikkei 225.
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Friday 9:21 A.M intraday cash index pivot... Free Trade provide by the master seal unlock

Which market was this post referring to?
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Friday 9:21 A.M intraday cash index pivot... Free Trade provide by the master seal unlock

Which market was this post referring to?

Just a misquote statement...ETM there is no markets it was Easter
Tuesday 9th of April, 2013 - Inner Circle Daily Bulletin, Free to all My Pivots Forum Members

Markets are going to rise now that we see no follow through on the decline forecast. On top of that I have confirm the research that we're going to advance to probably late month. Mr. Le is seeing the markets move up from here to about April 26th we're reaching a peak. If a rally ensues from here which it will means the retail investor is not intelligent. Problem is if it is extended the correction is going to be very bad of much of 20% here.

Psychology is people see the markets have made old highs, so now they see that the market is safe to invest. Truth be told here though that every time the retail investor returns after a good run markets decline. I would see that we follow the trend from here with the retail investor. Of course we're all retail investors, because none of us work for Goldman here. The idea is though we're smart in following the smart money here. Some times its smart to follow the dumb money for a while too.

This is whats going to happen as we're seeing the forecast here. We need to follow the dumb money from Tuesday this week by letting back in 100% Capital instead of the 50% before. This may sound risky I know this, but if you done the research its what is profitable. From Today on til 4/26/2013 of the peak top we're LONG, and I'll repeat we're LONG from here. When we get to 4/26/2013 set up short positions for 55 is mark here.
O.K. I will stay tuned ...
News Update: Mr. Le is taking 50% of capital off the table today, and advise traders to do the same April 12th - 15th. No surprises Monday Citigroup earnings will come in with modest growth. Earnings can continue slide in markets, so please allocate some capital to interest barring accounts. Other option buy some puts to hedge at this moment, because changes to 55 Newsletter are happening. The original April 26th forecast as top is now consider a bottom, and we're fliping tops/bottoms around.
We recommended to sell GG - Gold Corp at 31.40 now it is trading at 27.69 a -11.8% drop!

Actually we didn't even know the metal was dropping in this matter, but presume the S&P 500 market was addressing this matter when it was making new highs. The thing about commodities is that it has been correlated with equities in the last 7 years. This means that the structure of the bull market is changing, and I will keep subscribers update to these new changes.

Also we're out 100% since last Friday, and made the correct recommendation to bail the traders market last week. Our exact recommendation are to be out of the market at least 50% 4/12 - 4/15, but we taken our chances to be out at the highs. We all know being out of the market since last Friday would have save us thousands. When the market is down 2.3% on the S&P 500 there is no question how the reaction is going to be here.

55 always... Calvin Le
Keep track of all the strategies you use in a journal and incorporate them into a trading plan. When conditions turn unfavorable for a certain strategy, you can avoid it. When conditions favor a strategy, you can capitalize on it in the market.