ES Tuesday 10-8-13

basic frame out and levels to watch today
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-8.swf

it could be an illusion but they don't seem to be able to hold trade below yesterdays RTH theory good for our longs...the problem here is that we just have a bell curve on the day session today..I need that structure to change !!
we still haven't achieved the 95 % probability of running an O/N high or low...trying to give these last two runners a bit of room at the expense of possibly giving up some profit on this last good reason they can't keep dragging it around on both sides of the 68.50 vpoc
covered runners at entry.... a bit frustrating as we know they will run an O/N high or low and they will get the 60 minute high or low but no good way to trade for it
tough for es to get anything going on the long side with nq well below its o/n low....
not much to do for me until I see the IB break......interesting to see if/when we get 4 points above or below the VPOC too..that will break an IB....I'll be careful on fades of the IB after so much chop...pause can lead to trend concept !.
wont' try longs unless they can get last weeks lows now....even then I prefer to see the 60 - 61.50 off the IB break that would be a target and also the 66..
ok..looking for longs now that we are in the lower zone.....gotta be careful because we consolidated so long earlier...want price to get back above last weeks lows but IB test is best target if we can get this going
1661.00 is a major LVN in Volume
there are swing lows at 61.75 and 61.50 from 9-9 if you are aggressive enough.....these helped form the single prints from that day,,,us fader donot want to see price go under 58.50 !!! ...
yes... and a damn good reason to take the try down in here Sharks but they may not make it easy...
bruce, just sent u a pm...ignore the first one, the second one has the template