ES Tuesday 10-8-13

basic frame out and levels to watch today
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-8.swf

gotta be careful of that 63 - 63.25...we need to get above that or else they will go for the test again...hope not...hate when they check on us !!
Not respecting that level so well
I'm trying second try form 59.75...58.50 is lower edge of bell curve from that day....that 63 was a problem and this is the check on us test !!
targeting 61.50 first
that is where they broke throught this period and tried to make single prints again...
all 30 minute bars had lower highs today many will know what I am thinking....they will test a bracket high......eventually...trying for 62.75 next
Nice hit Bruce
this last weeks lows and O/N low now....coming out heavy here just in case
there's my 57.5-59.5 area i liked below the o/n low....taking some off at ibl...single print at 65 and vpoc at 68.25 are my next targets
this is what i meant by my 57.5-59.5 zone

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wow, that was quick...high risk but high reward as well....hearing of some press conf coming out at 10am from the gop...but could be just rumors...true or not, it certainly helped that long...nice one bruce

i also have that 71-73 area a first resist zone with 76.5 (yest vpoc and poc) next and 79.5 as the top edge of yest big bell curve (sthg bruce mentioned in his video)...81-82.75 and the gap fill at 84.75 are above

below the o/n lows i have 57.5-59.5 and then 53-55... i write we are back to the lows...guess that was a rumor after all (the gop thing)
bruce, just sent u a pm...ignore the first one, the second one has the template